Get The Most Economical and Best Environmentally Friendly Solar System In Florida

May 7, 2021

Looking to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint by installing a solar system? Based in Pensacola, Florida, Sunny Day Solar has updated its solar system installation service cutting turnaround time in half. The company provides a number of offers, grants and incentives to make installation more affordable.

Looking to reduce your your costs and save lots of money by installing a solar system? If you answered ‘yes’, then this company is for you!

Sunny Day Solar has launched its updated solar system installation service in Florida cutting turn around time in HALF. The company specializes in helping you achieve energy independence.

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The updated service allows you to save big by owning your own power supply with emergency storage back up and you can achieve returns in 3-8 years. In addition, to the cost savings achieved, Sunny Day Solar also lowers your carbon footprint with an environmentally-friendly renewable energy solution to powering your home.

Installing a solar system with Sunny Day Solar will also increase the value of your property even if you are looking to sell later. Energy efficient homes and businesses are becoming increasingly popular among buyers and equipping it with a solar system will make your property more attractive for prospective buyers by offering them long term savings on their energy supply from day one.

Sunny Day Solar provides a number of offers and incentives to make solar system installations more affordable. The company offers $0 money down financing with APR as low as 0.99% for 20 years. Additionally, the company provides tax credits of 26%, while also offering grants and lump sum depreciation for businesses. Sunny Day Solar’s team of professionals also assist you by providing grant writing services as well as military and cash discounts.

Installing a solar system can appear as a daunting task at first, which is why it is important to select a reliable and experienced solar provider. Sunny Day Solar has more than 25 years of experience and its installation teams are ranked among the top in the country. All of the company’s technicians and most sales staff are fully NABCEP or SEIA certified, licensed, and insured and take pride in plying their trade with skill and precision.

Sunny Day Solar prioritizes your satisfaction and as a result of its diligence and attention to detail it has not received any complaints and has achieved a ranking of a BBB A+ company. The company stands behind its work and offers a satisfaction guarantee and 25-year warranty on all products and labor.

In addition to providing home solar system installation, the company also provides commercial and recreational solar. Serving as a one stop shop for solar system installation, Sunny Day Solar can also install solar systems on boats, farms, and RVs.

You can get more information about Sunny Day Solar by visiting or you can call 850-292-7900 or 305-215-7354 in South Florida.

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