Get The Best Zoom Video Call Presentation Tips To Enhance Your Digital Presence

Dec 15, 2020

ADVO Group has released the newest Zoom Boom YouTube video, which teaches you the best way to frame yourself during video conference calls to improve your digital presence.

Do you have important conference calls on Zoom? Would you like to ensure you are presenting yourself in the best possible way for your meetings?

Communications and leadership consulting firm ADVO Group has released their newest video in their Zoom Boom YouTube series, which aims to help you improve your digital presence and presentation when using Zoom and other video communication platforms.

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The recently uploaded video from ADVO group, which is the second of a planned five-part series, provides you with the benefit of learning the best way to frame yourself in videos for Zoom calls to present yourself with a strong and effective digital presence. 

In the current pandemic climate, the ways that businesses are conducting meetings and interactions with others have changed dramatically. These changes include the use of video conference calls, which have become part of our daily lives, with remote working now commonplace for many people. Despite this change, you may be unsure of the best ways to present yourself and your at-home workspace to ensure you deliver the right message to those you interact with. ADVO Group is aiming to help solve this issue by sharing effective ways of setting up your Zoom calls with its Zoom Boom YouTube series.

The Zoom Boom series from ADVO Group provides short, informative, and entertaining videos that aim to share with you the basics of video presentation so that you look professional and have an active presence during your video calls. The series looks at several key aspects of video presentation such as lighting, background, and, as the newest video covers, framing.

ADVO Group is a consulting firm that focuses on communication and leadership, founded by two Yale School of Drama trained actors, Greg Derelian and Peter Katona, who use their experience and knowledge of performance to show you techniques for interacting and engaging with others. By using these principles of performance, ADVO Group’ developed its Kinection™ methodology to help you lead and communicate with deeper levels of human interaction. More information on the ADVO Group can be found here

The L.A.-based company has worked with clients from a range of industries such as hospitality and education as well as law firms, major hospitals, and individual thought-leaders. The company is also active on social media, where they aim to further educate and entertain people with their informative style. The ADVO Instagram channel can be found here

Present yourself at your best with ADVO Group’s YouTube series for improving your video presentation during Zoom conference calls today!

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