Get The Best Velvet-Soft Fabric Protector Pad For Kids’ Back Seat Accidents Here

Sep 20, 2021

Don’t make a riddle out of a little piddle – this washable seat cover saves you clean-up time and helps your child on their toilet training journey. When nature calls, don’t panic, pop a Piddle Pad onto your car seats to absorb those unexpected accidents.

Tired of cleaning up the mess that comes with potty-training? Want to protect expensive car seats from those little accidents and keep your child comfortable when riding in the back? Order a Piddle Pad from ReignDrop LLC today!

While toilet training can be a trying experience for toddlers and parents alike, especially when on the move, the baby accessory brand has released a new seat protector to help absorb the inevitable spills on long car journeys.

The Piddle Pad is a removable, washable, and re-usable cover that protects your upholstery from the many liquid accidents that occur while traveling with young children.

Dare to ditch those diapers with ReignDrop’s Piddle Pad. More details at

The company offers you an innovative mobile solution to keeping car seats dry with its new liner. Piddle Pad is made from soft velvet-like fabric, gentle on your child’s skin for a comfortable ride.

According to Smart Money Mamas, 50% of babies globally are potty trained by the time they are 12 months old, but most parents in the US don’t begin the process until their children are at least 2. The rise of disposable and relatively inexpensive diapers has made the shift into pants easier to put off, but when the time comes it can be a messy experience for all involved.

Piddle Pad provides universal compatibility with every style of child-car seat. A 360° center hole allows for easy accommodation of buckles while an elastic tab and pull string ensures complete enclosure to prevent leaks.

The new seat protector quickly absorbs fluid and also features a non-slip base to prevent unnecessary movement or discomfort. Its unique design does not inhibit the function, or safety features, of child seats, ensuring a safe, as well as dry, journey for infants.

You can wash the Piddle Pad in a normal machine cycle and it’s also tumble dryer-friendly for your convenience.

ReignDrop LLC also offers you a range of other baby-related accessories. These include birthday decoration sets, teething necklaces, photo frame keepsake kits, and splat mats for catching food debris under the legs of a high-chair. You also get free shipping with every order.

About ReignDrop LLC

The company is committed to making life simpler and more comfortable for children and parents. All materials used in ReignDrop products are non-toxic and rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for use.

A spokesperson says, “As parents, we want the best products that are practical, helpful, and safe for our babies. We created the ReignDrop brand to ensure our babies are in good hands.”

With its latest release, ReignDrop LLC continues to make life simpler, cleaner, and more convenient for potty-training toddlers and parents everywhere.

This waterproof wonder will save you time when mopping up your toddler’s mess. For more information, go to

Whether you are about to take a road trip, or just need back-up for short rides into the city, Piddle Pad has got your little one covered. Order yours today!

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