Get The Best Unclaimed Property Audit Solutions For Families In Mantua NJ

Apr 28, 2021

Looking for the best unclaimed property audit services in Mantua, New Jersey? Contact Lost Money Locators today for the experts who will help you recover your lost funds!

If you need help identifying and recovering unclaimed property, this company is the solution for you!

Lost Money Locators announced the launch of an updated range of unclaimed property audit services for clients in Mantua, New Jersey, and the surrounding area. The company specializes in identifying and consulting families who may be owed a significant amount of money.

With the new announcement, the team at Lost Money Locators are committed to making the process of recovering unclaimed property as easy and as stress-free as possible for you.

Many uncashed checks, lost shares of stock, forgotten bank accounts, customer credits, escrow accounts, paychecks and unused store credits go unclaimed in the United States.

Lost Money Locators focuses on auditing public entities in search of unclaimed funds. They assist clients by searching and identifying unclaimed property in places that are unknown to the general public and completing the requisite paperwork, filings and identifications to return the funds to the owner.

Their team can provide dependable advice and audit support to clients who find it difficult to navigate the unclaimed property recovery process. They audit several government agencies and department records, and research unclaimed funds.

They have extensive asset recovery experience, as well as established relationships with public agencies, making the recovery process smooth and easy. The entire recovery process may take anywhere between 60 and 90 days.

The Lost Money Locators team can assist you in managing an audit from start to finish. If you are able to successfully collect the money owed to you, they only get paid a percentage plus associated fees. In case they are unsuccessful, you do not have to pay anything.

More information can be found at

In addition, any attorney fees, processing charges, court filings, research fees and other costs associated with reclaiming your money will only be deducted upon the collection of the unclaimed money. Lost Money Locators will pay for all these upfront fees in case they fail to collect the unclaimed funds.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our consulting service includes a comprehensive team of professionals to help identify unclaimed government funds that are owed to families. Funds most people likely are unaware exist.”

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