This NJ Lost Money Locator Service Helps You Find Unclaimed Family Funds

Jan 21, 2021

New Jersey asset recovery company, Lost Money Locators, has launched a new financial recovery service. The service helps families to locate and reclaim unclaimed assets.

Increase your net worth, create a nest egg for the future, or book that luxury family vacation when you recover unclaimed assets using the new lost money locator service from New Jersey’s Lost Money Locators!

Lost Money Locators, an American company that helps reunite families with missing and unclaimed funds, has launched new lost money locator services.

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The newly launched service helps to connect families with money that is rightfully owed to them by auditing public agencies to find and recover unclaimed funds.

The company conducts initial research to identify unclaimed funds you may be eligible to claim back. They search through numerous public records and government agency files to identify lost money.

After this initial research, if the company believes you are owed money they will work with you to help you claim back your government funds.

As part of the launch, the company identifies and reaches out to potential claimants. Individuals who are eligible to receive lost money will be assigned a dedicated Recovery Asset Specialist who will consult with them on each step of the process.

The final stage in the lost money claiming service includes final research and steps to reclaiming the funds. Once a family has agreed to let the company reclaim on their behalf, they will begin the process, which may take between 60 and 90 days.

Families do not have to pay any upfront fees and you do not have to pay if the reclaiming process is unsuccessful. If you are able to claim back lost money, the company will receive a percentage, along with fees.

You are encouraged to get in touch with the company via their website. You will be required to fill out a contact form with your name, email, and lost money goals.

After completion, a member of the Lost Money Locators team will be in touch with information relating to any unclaimed funds you may be eligible to claim back.

Lost Money Locators is a family-owned assets recovery company based in New Jersey. It’s run by managing member and senior assets recovery executive Brian Myers.

Brian and his team provide a professional consulting service that aims to connect families with unclaimed funds that are owed to them. The company promises to provide a service that individuals can count on by working with public agencies to recover lost funds.

Are you ready to reclaim the money you are owed?

Go to the URL above for more information on Lost Money Locators and the launch of their lost money locator services.

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