Get The Best Toronto, ON Cybersecurity Solutions & Staff Training For Law Firms

Nov 19, 2021

You don’t like remembering new passwords. You hate the nuisance of always updating your system. And your law firm is generally about as lax as you are. And that’s why you are suddenly in a panic about an apparent data breach you’ve discovered in the middle of the night. Relax! It’s only a bad dream. But you can save everyone a big headache and call VBS IT Services at 416-900-6852 – even if it really is the middle of the night!

So, your law firm favours open security models that give employees free and open access to sensitive client information. Or, you’ve got all the right protocols and fancy software in place but nobody maintains and upgrades the system – much less trains the staff on evolving cybersecurity risks. For a law firm, like a hospital, for example, this is not good!

Check out to see how VBS can get you on the right track and help you streamline your IT cybersecurity operations – and boost efficiency and productivity at the same time.

VBS’s continuing training keeps personnel informed about evolving cybersecurity threats and best practices. The education program explains how to recognize and avoid ransomware, phishing and other forms of social engineering attacks, as well as how to respond to security breaches – measures that are increasingly important for law firms in today’s cyber-threat environment.

Statistics Canada claims that cyber-attacks have risen significantly since the pandemic’s onset. Over 40% of companies in one study reported at least one online security issue, from malware to phishing to outright cyber fraud. Law firms are especially vulnerable because of their duty to ensure appropriate collection, processing, and storage of confidential data. If they are hacked, they risk financial and reputational damage.

Furthermore, a widely cited IBM study found that in 95 percent of all security breaches, human error was a key contributor. The VBS Cybersecurity Awareness Training provides your staff and colleagues with effective and ongoing coaching that not only reduces these risks but also helps you to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, and other industry standards.

Weekly mini-security training videos, a monthly security newsletter, continuous phishing and dark web monitoring, and an Employee Vulnerability Assessment are capped by annual reviews and exams that minimize employee-induced errors.

This service complements VBS’s other legal-specific offerings such as VOIP and billing integration, which enables voice, team chat, and video on a single platform while tracking billable hours via smart integration.

VBS IT Services takes the time to understand their clients’ business, then tailors IT solutions to individual companies’ goals and budgetary needs. CEO Miguel Ribeiro says, “VBS specializes in a wide range of award-winning managed IT services, and we are committed to customizing the most cost-effective IT solutions available for every client”.

One reviewer commented: “We switched to VBS because of their professionalism. I wanted a company that could help us get to the next stage of our business and from the beginning they followed through with what they said they would do and more.”

Who wants to be the victim of ransomware? Or see your client’s legal contracts publicly exposed? Or simply know that your legal document archives have been rummaged through?

Go to and make sure that you and your law firm have peace of mind – and confidence that your data is protected.

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