Get The Best Thermal Lap Throw For Sports Games With Smartphone Accessory Pouch

Aug 27, 2021

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wrapping up under a warm blanket at a baseball game. Take comfort and convenience on the stands to the next level with The Warmer Upper.

If you’re looking for the ultimate blanket to survive those chilly evenings at football or baseball games over the long winter, order ‘The Warmer Upper’ from LapWrap LLC today!

The company is US veteran-owned and it’s just launched a thermal lap throw, offering you a premium-knit cover with unique additions for extra warmth and convenience while watching your team from the stands.

LapWrap LLC’s latest comfort accessory combines all the functionality of a traditional blanket with added contemporary design features.

Enjoy the next frontier of blanket design with The Warmer Upper. More details here:

The throw is lightweight, made from durable yet stylish polyester-based fabric, and offers you a completely hypo-allergenic cover – perfect if you have a sensitivity to wool.

Wintry conditions make thermal blankets an essential accessory for sports fans across the country. Major League Baseball supporters in the US have had their fair share of extreme weather during games. The coldest match on record, between the Mets and the Rockies in 2013, saw temperatures plummet to 28 degrees.

The Warmer Upper is made from Polartec Thermal Pro. This yarn’s unique construction creates and retains warmth without the need for heavy, excess material, making it a convenient option for a night on the bleachers.

Other features include LapWrap LLC’s patent-pending ergonomic seat wings which provide additional comfort when you’re relaxing in a chair. The design offers you a fuller coverage for the colder evenings of fall and winter.

You can also enjoy The Warmer Upper’s removable, touch-sensitive pocket. This clear plastic pouch can be used to store smartphones or other personal belongings. It has a touchscreen-friendly surface so you can still scroll and operate devices within the sleeve.

All orders are currently shipping with an added 6ft universal charging cable at no extra cost. While The Warmer Upper provides everything needed for a cozy night in, its lightweight construction also makes it an ideal traveling accessory.

The lap throw is machine washable and LapWrap recommends a cool wash cycle for best results. The storage pocket can be wiped and spot cleaned, making it easy to clean and maintain.

About LapWrap LLC

The company is US Military veteran-owned and operated. LapWrap is committed to supporting ex-service personnel and they donate a proportion of all purchases to Disabled American Veterans. The product range is exclusively designed and manufactured in Connecticut, USA.

A satisfied customer says, “The Warmer Upper made the best blanket ever to keep me warm while recovering from knee replacement surgery. Lightweight on the joint, super soft, and the pouch kept my essentials right where I needed them.”

LapWrap LLC is making comfort and versatility in blankets and wraps the standard for sports fans everywhere.

Snuggle up in style this winter. Learn more at

If you like the sound of having all your essentials right where you need them while enjoying the comfort and warmth of a premium lap throw, order ‘The Warmer Upper’ today!

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