Get The Best St Clair County Workers Compensation Eligibility For Coronavirus

Aug 6, 2020

The St. Clair County law firm of Jerome, Salmi and Kopis has announced its services to help people who have contracted COVID-19 at the workplace to receive the compensation they deserve.

Did you contract COVID-19 while in the workplace? Are you unsure if you can claim Workers’ Compensation?

Law firm Jerome, Salmi and Kopis have announced their updated services to help people like you find out if they are eligible for compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act after contracting COVID-19 in the workplace.

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Jerome, Salmi and Kopis are based in St. Clair County, Illinois. Their newly launched service aims to help you, if you have contracted the virus at work during the current pandemic, to find the compensation your entitled to.

The coronavirus has seen many people suffer and struggle financially due to lost time at work, and medical expenses. The laws surrounding the virus are not always clear, with several states having differing rulings for compensation.

Workers’ compensation laws define ‘occupational diseases’ as valid for compensation, while ‘ordinary diseases of life’ are excluded. In this example, a miner contracting black lung would be classed as an occupational disease, while the common cold would be excluded. More clarification can be found

The coronavirus is an anomaly in this classification, with some people arguing that, especially in the healthcare industry, workers have a higher chance of contracting the virus. However, if there is no certainty the virus was contracted at the workplace, it may be excluded. 

Jerome, Salmi and Kopis’ services offer to help workers like you find out if you are entitled to compensation. The Illinois law firm encourages you to get in touch with them to discuss your options if you believe you may have contracted the virus at work. 

The law firm explains that if they can prove you contracted the virus at your place of work, you would be entitled to compensation. This compensation would cover all of your medical expenses, lost benefits during recovery, and a settlement for any ongoing issues following your recovery. 

More details surrounding workers’ compensation benefits for COVID-19 can be found here:

If you are an essential employee or first responder in Illinois, the state presumes you contracted COVID-19 at your workplace. This is also true if you are a first responder in Missouri. Jerome, Salmi and Kopis urge employees living in these states to contact them to discuss their rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act as soon as possible. 

Find out your rights if you contracted the coronavirus at your workplace and get the compensation you deserve today! 

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