Get The Best RV Fire Extinguishing Product With An Automatic Deployment System

Jun 19, 2021

Auto Fire Guard has recently launched its Fireball suppression system to help you prevent damaging fires in your RV with its automatic extinguishing design.

Do you have firefighting equipment within your RV? Would you like a fire suppression system that activates automatically when a fire breaks out?

Auto Fire Guard has announced the launch of its new Fireball product if you are an RV owner looking for a way to prevent potentially life-threatening fires within your vehicle.

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The Fireball product is a portable fire suppression system that activates automatically when in contact with fire and throws out a flame retardant substance in a 360-degree spread.

With an estimated 6,000 RV fires occurring within the US every year caused by engine fires, leaking fuel, and faulty appliances, it is vital that you have firefighting equipment on hand in your vehicles. However, many RV fires occur unexpectedly, making extinguishers and other traditional forms of suppressants only useful to combat a fire that may have already caused damage. 

Auto Fire Guard’s new Fireball product provides you with a hand-off alternative for fire suppression that is safer to use and can automatically put out an RV fire as soon as it starts.

Made with an exterior shell, the Fireball is resistant to temperature and humidity, which is only triggered when exposed to direct contact with a flame. The activation technology within the ball uses a micro-gas generator that pops the ball open, releasing the flame retardant mono ammonium phosphate powder contained inside.

The powder in the Fireball is milled to a 0.03mm diameter, meaning its size is small enough to have no harmful effects on your vehicle’s engine while preventing fire damage. Additionally, mono ammonium phosphate turns into a gas at high temperatures, meaning once a fire has been extinguished, there is little powder remaining to be cleaned up.

The Fireball is available in several sizes that provide varying coverage, so you can find one that suits the size of your RV. The balls also come in a range of decorative designs allowing them to match the style of a room or RV without being an eyesore.

Designed by Grant Van Der Jagt, the Fireball has a long shelf life, is non-toxic, and is water, child, and pet-proof. The balls can also be used anywhere a fire may occur, such as in the home or as an alternative to a fire sprinkler system or extinguisher, as the ball can be thrown directly into a fire for immediate suppression. 

A spokesperson for Auto Fire Guard said, “Fireball allows practically anyone to apply a ‘quick fix’ to small to medium-sized fires until the fire department arrives.”

Prevent life-threatening fires in your RV with Auto Fire Guards’ new automatic Fireball suppression product today!

For more information, you can visit where you can see the designs available.

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