Get The Best Portland Garage Epoxy Coating & Concrete Installation Services

Apr 16, 2020

Are you looking for the best garage floor concrete or epoxy coating provider in Portland? Then get in touch with Smith Concrete Coatings today!

Smith Concrete Coatings are now offering a new garage floor coating and repair service throughout Portland. They are known for their high quality solutions and professional finish for residential or commercial jobs.

Whether you’re building a new garage or want to transform your showroom, you can rely on Smith Concrete Coatings to help. They offer specialty resins and epoxies for all your project requirements.

Options encompass a wide choice of high quality epoxy and resin coating or hard-wearing floor sealing and polishing solutions.

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As part of the new launch, they are offering a one-day service where new floors can be dry and ready to use in 24 hours. In addition, they can provide a comprehensive repair service, where worn-out epoxy or resin coatings can be restored.

Their expert team has decades of experience in providing floor polishing and specialty coating solutions throughout the Portland area. You have the reassurance of knowing the team has completed thousands of projects and can meet every budget and requirement for durability, easy clean, or décor.

Their high-performance epoxy coating service starts with mechanically grinding the old coating off the existing concrete. Then they grind the top surface layer of the existing concrete to create a flat floor and remove any bond breakers. Epoxy coatings are then applied and cure with consistent thickness across the floor, creating an entirely new surface.

For floors with extensive moisture issues, the team applies a moisture vapor prime coat followed by two topcoats and full chip decorative system. The result is hard-wearing floors that are non-slip and easy to maintain.

Garage floor colors come in a full spectrum depending on your requirements. The most popular are gray and tan with decorative chips in corresponding colors. But custom patterns, embedded logos and custom banners between coats can all be created.

The options for industrial garage floor coatings are unlimited, with choices from economical clear coats to fully custom designs for detail-oriented auto collectors.

Smith Concrete Coatings states: “We have an extensive track record with thousands of completed projects. All of our employees are trained professionals with solid backgrounds. In addition to our painting services, our Portland Garage Floor epoxy coatings are a unique specialty we apply statewide.”

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