Get The Best Portland Bankruptcy Attorney Services To Stop Debt Collection Actions

Feb 7, 2019

Nobody wants to deal with the IRS and debt collectors – find out how you can quickly stop all IRS and creditor actions against your income and assets fast!

  • get the best portland bankruptcy attorney services to stop debt collection actio
  • get the best portland bankruptcy attorney services to stop debt collection actio

Christopher J. Kane, a leading bankruptcy attorney in Portland, Oregon, has launched updated services for debtors looking to stop all creditor actions against their incomes and assets. This updated service stops IRS garnishmens and many other debt collectins in 24 hours. Clients consistently benefit from complete legal solutions to file an appropriate bankruptcy petition and invoke the automated stay for protection against debt collection efforts.

More information can be found at

IRS and wage garnishment can lead to severe budget management issues for anyone in a difficult financial position. Dealing with creditors and struggling to find a financial balance under the circumstances is often difficult, especially for those with multiple debts.

Christopher J. Kane P.C. specializes in helping debtors regain control over their finances by stopping all debt collection efforts. Then implementing a budget-appropriate repayment plan. By filing for bankruptcy clients gain peace of mind by using the benefits of the automated stay to prevent their creditors and the IRS from taking any action against their incomes and assets in 24 hours. .

The Portland lawyer currently provides no cost initial consultations for debtors interested in stopping all creditor action against their assets in 24 hours.. More details are available at 503-380-7822.

The recent service update is part of Christopher’s efforts to contiually provide professional, affordable and efficient bankruptcy legal services for clients in Portland and the surrounding areas. With more than 20 years of experience helping both private and commercial clients, Christopher J. Kane P.C. continues to update his services according to the latest legal and fiscal developments.

A satisfied client said: “Chris Kane represented me through the bankruptcy experience. Chris prepared me well and successfully discharged me from my debts. He painted an accurate picture of all involved in appearing and speaking before the trustee and provided fabulous support through this very humbling process. Chris is empathetic toward his clients and I appreciated his desire and expertise to help me out.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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