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Jun 28, 2017

A new natural, solid makeup brush cleanser has been launched by Swirl + Sparkle. These handcrafted, organic brush cleansers are designed to save water and speed up brush cleansing.

Swirl + Sparkle have announced the launch of their new makeup brush cleaner. Swirl + Sparkle's new makeup brush cleaners are natural, handcrafted and are designed to speed up brush cleansing.

For more information please visit the website here:

The founder and President of Swirl + Sparkle is Marii Lang, and she understands the importance to of creating a high quality products that lasts and uses as little resources as possible. Marii explains that she has always enjoyed making DIY products and has creative blood in her veins.

Marii states that she was looking for her next project and wanted it to be all natural and chemical free. Around the same time she was dreading cleansing her makeup brushes and had an idea. This idea has lead to the Swirl + Sparkle natural, handcrafted makeup brush cleaner.

Swirl + Sparkle is an organic solid makeup brush cleanser that acts like a shampoo for makeup brushes and melts away makeup, dead skin, oils and bacteria. The cleanser is designed to conserve water as well as being made from all natural ingredients such as goats milk, coconut oil and glycerin amongst others. There is also a vegan range available.

The customer should take the Swirl + Sparkler cleanser and moisten it with a small amount of water. They should then swirl their makeup brushes until they lather. Then they should rinse the brush and repeat if heavily soiled. For the more heavily soiled brushes the customer can use the patent pending, sugar diamonds lid as an agitator for deep cleaning.

Once thoroughly cleansed and rinsed, brushes are then ready for the drying process. All a person needs to do at this stage is to lay them flat on a towel to air dry. Bristles should feel revived and drying time should be much quicker.

The hand poured cleansers feature many different designs, such as rainbows and sugar skulls. There are also many different scents to choose from and these include toasted marshmallow, caramel pretzel bar and tropical oasis. Customers can click the shop link or alternatively visit the Etsy shop here:

Those wishing to find out out more about Swirl + Sparkle can visit the links provided above or alternatively they can visit the company's social media pages.

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