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Jul 18, 2017 Helpline, a new personal injury helpline, was officially launched. The online service helps personal injury victims in Southern Ontario connect with a professional lawyer and physical therapist to benefit from adequate legal and health services. Helpline, an online service providing legal assistance and physical rehabilitation referrals for personal injury cases, was officially launched. The website connects Ontario victims of auto accidents, pedestrian injuries, dog bites and other incidents with legal and health care professionals.

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Personal injury cases often have serious legal implications. Depending on the nature of the incident, the victim might be eligible for legal compensation and various health benefits, supported by the party which caused the injury.

However, the legal context surrounding personal injury cases might not always be immediately accessible to the average person, making it essential to work with a professional lawyer. Helpline was created to help Southern Ontario victims of personal injury incidents connect with a professional lawyer and benefit from full legal representation. The helpline is operated by professional legal consultants and is able to analyze each case individually.

To ensure maximum efficiency and legal adequacy, the company works with a carefully selected group of personal injury lawyers, using criteria such as experience and case history to choose the best attorneys in the industry.

Personal injury incidents might also pose serious health problems, thus making it essential for the injured party to benefit from professional medical services. Health insurance policies typically require the party responsible for the injury to cover all medical bills, with the victim benefitting from complete physical recovery services. Helpline also offers complete physical rehabilitation referrals for personal injury cases. The service helps people contact professional, licensed and certified physical therapists and benefit from extensive rehabilitation services.

The online helpline has worked with victims of car, motorcycle, public transport and pedestrian accidents, dog bites, slip and fall situations and many other incidents.

Free consultation is available by phone or by filling in an online form.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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