Get The Best Miami Wellness Course For Lawyers & Reduce Stress Here

Feb 17, 2021

If you want to reduce burnout and improve your work/life balance as a lawyer, you’re in the right place. Check out this new online course today!

Are you a Miami lawyer struggling with your workload? Can you feel burnout causing stress or anxiety? This program is here to help!

A new course for lawyers has been launched by a Miami wellness consultant to help with burnout prevention. Michelle Niemeyer Wellness offers expert guidance, coaching and video training to help attorneys overcome personal issues, improve their health and fitness, and reduce stress.

Check out Lawyers Thrive today to see how it can help you live your best life – and experience improved wellness!

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The newly launched Lawyers Thrive programs from Michelle Niemeyer Wellness are inspired by personal experience and grounded by science. Michelle has been through lawyer burnout herself and learned practical lessons along the way that can now be implemented by other professionals.

She highlights that for many years she worked long hours, which included weekends and holidays like many attorneys. She put her personal life last and lived with unremitting chronic stress. This led to professional burnout, which impacted her health.

It was at this point that she focused on losing weight, getting in shape, learning methods of stress relief and embarking on an education in health coaching. She gained insights into stress relief methods, positive psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

Now she is utilizing this training to help other legal professionals rectify imbalances in their professional lives. She identifies problem areas and provides efficient methods for restoring work/life balance while improving happiness and productivity.

The Lawyers Thrive Membership Community includes the Lawyers Thrive in Five course. This is designed to provide attorneys and lawyers with the tools to recognize their needs, focus on important areas of self-development, and find balance.

Michelle Niemeyer Wellness also offers wellness consulting and programming for law firms and personalized one-on-one coaching for busy professionals.

Michelle underscores that in the legal profession, people tend to put their personal needs last. This depletes energy and leads to work taking more time while forcing forces other important life and lifestyle elements into the background. The end result is often resentment and burnout.

However, as outlined in the new program, the key to reducing the likelihood of burnout is living a healthy and balanced life.

Michelle states: “As a certified health coach, it is my mission to help you identify the most efficient ways to bring your life into balance. Together we will discover which areas you can work on to have the most impact in moving you forward, and you will discover the tools that work best for you to make those changes last.”

Full details for Michelle Neimeyer Wellness Lawyer Thrive programs and their benefits can be found on the URL above.

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