Get the Best Medicare Insurance Advice with Huntington Station NY Insurers

Mar 15, 2021

For the best possible advice on choosing the correct Medicare plan to suit your needs and your budget, call Paul Barrett Insurance Services on 1-800-219-0453. Get in touch if you need a new plan or need to make changes to an existing plan.

Get the independent, expert advice you need from Paul Barrett Insurance Services to help you find a Medicare coverage that provides the medical services you require at a price that you can afford.

Paul Barrett Insurance Services based in Huntington Station, New York, has launched an advisory service for senior citizens that offers full explanations of all the various choices available under the Medicare system. The online service is supported by telephone advice and home visits to help you choose the most suitable scheme for you, as well as advise on plan changes.

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Medicare is a confusing subject with many different plans on offer, as well as numerous supplementary care options being available. The professional advice service will help you make an informed choice and enable you to pick the correct package to best cover your particular care needs in an affordable manner.

The federal government in the USA provides the Medicare program to ensure over 65 and older, and some under 65, have affordable access to medical services and treatments. The program is funded from a number of sources, partly by Social Security and Medicare taxes collected on earnings, partly through Medicare Insurance premiums, and partly by the federal budget.

Licensed to operate in New York State and 15 other US States, the company’s advisory scheme explains the ins and outs of the various enrolment periods that are available each year. It details the dates of each period and specifies which aspects of a policy may be changed during each period. You can make major changes during selected enrolment periods but only a single change is permitted during others.

Currently, the company is providing indispensable advice on the Medicare Open Enrollment which happens between January 1st. and March 31st. Unlike the Annual enrollment period in the autumn when unlimited changes can be made, you may only make a single change during the open enrollment period. The advice service offers information on which aspects of a plan may be changed and details exactly when the change becomes effective.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The Medicare Open Enrollment period is essentially Medicare trying to give you one last opportunity to improve your coverage situation. If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan and have not scrutinized it, to see how well it fits your health and budgetary needs for this year, now is the time to do so and to make a change if it is needed.”

If you want expert advice on choosing the best possible Medicare plan for yourself, you should pick up the phone and call Paul Barrett Insurance Services toll-free on 1-800-219-0453

For great advice on picking a plan, switching plans or making changes to an existing plan, click on this link:

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