Get The Best LPA Advice In The UK With This Cumbria-Based Cost-Effective Service

Nov 10, 2020

LPA Now has launched a new LPA guidance service aimed at families and individuals around the UK. Their website explains how creating a Lasting Power of Attorney ensures that crucial decisions about your future care and financial decisions are in place early so that they protect people and your interests.

Do you have a plan in place for the time when you may lose the capacity to make decisions? Do you want to protect your health, care, assets, and finances long-term? Are your family and friends aware of your wishes? Have you documented what you want? It is a difficult topic to discuss, but this nationwide team can help you create a Lasting Power of Attorney that reflects your wishes!

A new Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) service has been launched aimed at you and your family if you are based in the UK. LPA Now explains the new cost-effective service aims to help you plan for the future so that if you find yourself in a situation where you lose the capacity to make decisions, your health, care, finances, property, and wishes are written down and acted upon.

You can find out more at

The newly launched LPA guidance service for UK families is designed to give you and your family a choice: while you still have mental capacity. The team at LPA Now understand how expensive it can be for you to see a solicitor for a similar service, which is why their service focuses on being cost-effective yet efficient. You can read further details about getting an LPA at

LPA Now says no-one should be put off from getting an LPA, simply due to the cost, as these simple legal instruments have the potential to protect you and your family later in life. Their guidance explains that creating your LPA involves making crucial decisions about your future and choosing who should put your wishes into action.

While acknowledging that it may be years before the lasting power of attorney has to be called upon, getting this legal document ready before capacity is impaired is a wise course of action. This ensures that your decisions can be thoroughly considered and weighed up carefully with your family before your capacity is compromised or impaired. LPA Now understands the thought of losing your capacity is not pleasant, but it is better that you have a plan in place than wait until a plan is necessary. Failing to be prepared can cause huge stress and practical difficulties for your family if you are unfortunate enough to lose that ability without an LPA in place.

Getting advice before you start what can feel like an overwhelming process is worthwhile say the team, as one in seven of all LPA applications is considered imperfect for registration. The team are trained to advise you on the LPA process and explain how the Office of the Public Guardians (OPG) registration works too.

A reviewer wrote: “LPA Now provided clear advice on the LPA process and provided solutions to potential problems - they were really helpful. The fees were reasonable too, I will definitely recommend them.”

You can find out more via the links provided! Alternatively, you can find more details about speaking to someone over the phone here. LPA Now is based in Cumbria, with a network of document signing professionals across the UK.

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