Get The Best London Temporary And Part-Time In-Home Childcare For Your Family

Jan 15, 2021

Make a stressful situation easier for everyone – part-time and temporary myTamarin nannies are available to provide in-house support for your children, freeing you to focus on being the breadwinner! Call the London agency now at +44-20-3432-0234!

Struggling to juggle the demands of working from home with overseeing the virtual homeschooling schedules of your children? Are your energetic little ones turning the house into a nursery? Anyone would be stressed, and that’s why myTamarin is here to help. Temporary part-time nannies are on hand to ensure that no matter what you need or how long you’ll need them, an option is always available! 

London-based nanny agency myTamarin has expanded its range of in-home childcare services with additional temporary and part-time options. The company aims to provide you with all-hours support amidst the circumstances of the ongoing health crisis. 

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The newly expanded services are announced to ensure that your family has access to experienced and highly flexible live-in and live-out nannies across London, with schedules that can be tailored to meet your unique personal requirements.

Continuing stay-at-home policies in London and throughout the country have necessitated many parents to carry out their employment away from their workplaces. With further school and nursery closures requiring that students of all ages be virtually homeschooled for an uncertain amount of time, it’s no wonder you’re seeking extra in-house support.

As such, myTamarin makes available an expanded range of childcare options which includes the service of temporary and part-time nannies. This flexibility aims to provide for your unique needs at a time when your individual situation is liable to change at short notice.

You’ll benefit from the ability to continue working from home productively with the added assurance that high-calibre nannies are expertly supervising the education and wellbeing of your children. Depending on your needs, myTamarin nannies can take on housekeeping and cooking duties in addition to childcare services.

Company representatives emphasise that you’ll find part-time nannies to be highly cost-effective. Contrary to traditional agencies, myTamarin utilises a simple pay-as-you-go setup at just £250 a month, covering all areas of support and recruitment. That means backup childcare, payroll, tax, and more are taken care of. With its approach, myTamarin strives to ensure that its nannying services are viable for you. 

With the latest announcement, myTamarin continues to arrange in-house childcare support for your family throughout the stress and uncertainty of the current pandemic. In addition to its in-home live-in and live-out nannying options, myTamarin provides you with full-service maternity nurses, night nannies, and virtual sleep support for your newborns and infants.

Parents are superheroes, but they can’t be everywhere at once – even in the home. Nannies are on hand to make sure that your little ones are cared for while your attention is needed elsewhere. Click the link above to find out more about the live-in and live-out nannying services provided by myTamarin!

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