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Apr 8, 2021

Looking for cost effective Lasting Powers of Attorney consultants in Harrow, London? Contact LPA Now today for the experts who will help you secure your assets and affairs!

If you want to put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place but don’t know where to start, this company is the solution for you!

LPA Now, a company run by a paralegal expert in Brampton, Cumbria, announced the launch of an updated range of services now available to clients in Harrow, London, and the surrounding area. The company has acquired extensive experience in the guidance, advice and creation of Lasting Powers of Attorney throughout the UK.

With the recent announcement, the team at LPA Now are dedicated to providing you with dependable advice and guidance for preparing and registering a Lasting Power of Attorney and avoiding the pitfalls of the DIY route and the expense of solicitors' fees..

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a formal document which allows a person's most trusted friends, relatives and advisors to support them with decision making in the event that they become incapacitated in the future. You can decide who you appoint, what powers others have and specify any wishes you want followed.

The consultants at LPA Now have extensive experience helping clients create the LPA that is right for them and their family. They can offer professional and experienced advice on all the aspects of creating and registering an LPA and protecting your assets and wellbeing for the future.

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The team can help you create two different Lasting Powers of Attorney, one for power to manage the donor's finances, including management of your property, bills and pension. The second, which allows someone else to make decisions over your medical treatment and your welfare. They offer a tailored approach that explores and addresses the personal circumstances of each client.

Depending on your preference, the company can arrange a home visit to create the LPA or can handle the entire process over the phone.

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In addition, the consultants have a hybrid option for clients who would like to have their LPA drafted over the phone and then have the reassurance of seeing the physical document before they sign them at home.

A satisfied client said: “I would recommend LPA Now without hesitation. Based on their broad knowledge, professionalism, and understanding of a very complicated, sensitive family matter, this alone was deeply appreciated.”

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