Get The Best France Tax-Free Shopping App For Paperless Snap & Scan VAT Refunds

Nov 30, 2022

So, you splurged a little. One bottle of wine here, one diamond necklace there, and headphones for the kids. Oh and that castle, right…. Now what? A new VAT paper form for every single purchase?! Try Wevat instead!

Get The Best France Tax-Free Shopping App For Paperless Snap & Scan VAT Refunds

Wevat has helped refund travellers from all around the world who've spent almost €20 million on their shopping already. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of euros probably go unclaimed each year - travellers regularly lose up to 20% VAT charged on their sopping due to the maddening complexity of the system!

Wevat, the first digital VAT refund provider in Europe for international travellers, has updated its app to better serve its community of customers looking to save money on tax-free shopping in France. Launched in 2019, the firm is backed by experienced investors, including the former CEO of Priceline, Andy Phillips.

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Wevat, which is fully regulated by both French and UK customs and tax authorities, now offers you as much as 23% more in VAT refunds than in-store providers, allowing you a paperless and stress-free ‘snap and scan’ way to save more money - with no minimum spending requirements. To be eligible for a VAT refund while travelling in France, you must maintain your permanent address outside the EU and be leaving France for a non-EU country.

Pretty straightforward these days if you're living in the UK and just popping by to say 'Allo' to your French cousins!

The company, which boasts seamless integration with innovative payment providers such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, aims to make shopping in France more convenient and enjoyable. As one user said, “Using Wevat to get a refund for all my purchases was remarkably simple. Not that I need more excuses to shop, but with the VAT at 20 percent it’s sort of like shopping everything on sale.”

Using the traditional, in-store paper method, travellers requesting a refund need to show their passports to the sales assistants, ask for a refund form, and do some form filling every time they buy something. Wevat, on the other hand, combines all invoices into a single digital refund form, accessible at any time on your phone. Additionally, you can track your refunds in real-time - including at smaller shops that are not set up to provide traditional, paper-based VAT refunds to tourists.

Users need to sign up to the app before shopping. From there, it's a simple, 3-step process: 1) ask for a purchase invoice at the shop, 2) snap a photo of the invoices and 3) scan the in-app refund form at the airport / train station before going home.

The refund can be repaid in over fifty currencies via any major payment method - including credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, WeChat Pay and Alipay. A list of departure points can be seen online and includes major airports, train stations, and ferry terminals.

One customer commented: “I can track how much I'm being refunded in real-time - the more I spend, the more I get back. I wasn't charged any extra handling fee and was refunded at the spot rate.”

So what are you waiting for?! As the customer above pointed out, it's as if all of France is on sale all the time!

Go to and you can chat online with one of the company's friendly representatives if you still have questions!

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