Get The Best Financial Advice Tips For High Net Worth Expats In Middle East

Feb 16, 2021

Looking for the best financial advice for expats and nationals in the Middle East and Asia? Check out the new report at ADL Estate Planning Ltd today and discover how you can protect your assets!

If you’re looking for an experienced international financial adviser, ADL Estate Planning Ltd has the solution for you!

ADL Estate Planning Ltd, an estate planning law firm in London, England, announced the launch of “7 top tips for expats and nationals in the Middle East and Asia”, a new report for High-Net Worth expats. The report provides detailed information about the importance of high quality and high integrity international financial advice.

The newly launched report at ADL Estate Planning Ltd aims to inform you about the benefits of clear charging structures and of receiving advice from highly qualified professionals.

Expats have many financial commitments in both their home and host country. They also need to handle finances in different currencies and move money between countries.

According to ADL Estate Planning Ltd, High-Net Worth expats and residents living in countries with an underdeveloped financial services industry need the help of an experienced adviser.

It is important that your adviser is qualified at least to a Level 4 UK standard. In case you need advice on your UK pension, the adviser should hold a Level 6 UK Pension Transfer qualification.

The report further notes that it is essential to create international life and critical insurance plans with companies that have excellent credit rating and claim pay-out rate.

In addition, expats and nationals in the Middle East and Asia need to avoid arrangements with a commission structure and provide their international financial adviser with accurate liability and income information.

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Finally, ADL Estate Planning Ltd recommends taking into consideration whether you need international mobility via a second residency or citizenship scheme, as well as whether you have to set up trust funds for your beneficiaries or put in place a Power of Attorney.

The report states: “Take financial advice seriously. It can save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions. And make you a decent sum too. You should be having reviews annually. Don’t expect your financial adviser to make you rich. If they promise you market beating investment returns consistently, get another adviser.”

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