Get The Best Emergency Preparedness Kits & First Aid Products In Miami, FL

Apr 22, 2021

If you want to protect your family and keep your loved ones safe, you need the best emergency kits. Check out the full range available from Weathervane Survival today!

If you’re looking for the best deal on first aid kits and emergency preparedness products, you’re in luck. Weathervane Survival have all the options you need!

Weathervane Survival have announced the launch of their updated range of survival kits. The online store’s emergency survival kits help you to be prepared for any situation.

For more information, please visit the website here:

The newly updated range of survival kits from Weathervane Survival have been designed to help you and your family prepare for any situation in uncertain times. They explain that disasters take many forms and it is worth keeping emergency items within easy reach.

The Miami based company offer emergency survival and bug out kits for all situations. The types of products stocked include first-aid kits, water storage options, freeze-dried food kits, adventure kits, power solutions, protective wear, and much more.

One of their best-selling products is the two Person Elite Camo Backpack Survival Kit. The kit contains essential emergency survival items including a radio, candle, bright stick, 5-in-1 whistle and waterproof matches.

It also has two survival sleeping bags, two body warmers, an emergency shelter, two emergency ponchos, two hygiene kits, gloves, a multi-function pocket knife, nylon rope, first-aid kit, waste bag, notepad, and survival playing cards featuring valuable survival skills.

The kit contains enough food and water for over 72 hours of nutrition and hydration for two people. You’ll find that the contents of the kit are housed in individual waterproof bags and organized in the company’s Multi-Pocket Hikers Backpack.

The stores range of emergency food and adventure meals are conveniently freeze-dried for a long shelf life and are available in many sizes and meal options. An example of their food range is the three Day Weekender Kit with Dry Bag, containing meals and snacks that can be eaten directly from the pouch.

A company spokesperson has said: “We are one of the foremost suppliers of survival kits and products, emergency kits, protective gear, helmets, pouches and adventure meals.”

Those wishing to find out more about Weathervane Survival and their range of survival products can contact them at 833 422 7600. Alternatively, you can go to for all the details you need.

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