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Jun 17, 2020

Carlos Hines’ updated coaching is available for people looking for relationship advice both for couples and individuals and covers a range of issues, including dating, heartbreak, cheating, and break-ups.

Do you feel you need someone to talk to regarding your current relationship? Are you looking to get back onto the dating scene but struggling with your self-confidence? 

Carlos Hines has announced his updated certified dating and relationship coaching services if you need the best expert advice, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

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The updated services from Carlos are available for you in any relationship status or sexual orientation, including heterosexual, same-sex, LGBTQ+, and open relationships.

Carlos Hines is a human connection specialist and a certified professional coach with additional certification from the American Psychological Association.

Based in Lower Manhattan, Carlos can help you with problems regarding relationships, dating, heartbreak, cheating, and break-ups. He also offers couples coaching to help fix your relationships that are struggling with arguments, communication, and trust issues.

Carlos understands that people fall under six stages of a relationship status. These stages include a ‘Love and Passion,’ ‘A relationship of convenience.’ Planning escape,’ and ‘Not in a relationship and don’t want to be in one.’ More information on these stages can be found here:

If you are single, Carlos offers coaching to help if you haven’t found the right partner yet. Furthermore, he can help if you have been hurt by a toxic relationship and are dealing with a break-up that has been emotionally and mentally draining. 

Carlos helps you understand how to focus on self-care and reflection on your self-worth in order to heal. He also follows up if you are ready to get back onto the dating scene and help identify who you are and what you want.  

If you are dating or in long-term relationships and need advice, you can get coaching from Carlos for several issues. He can coach couples who have experienced a cheating partner, continually arguing, or having difficulties planning a future together.

Carlos helps couples communicate and create stronger, deeper, and more meaningful connections with their partners and overcome any issues holding them back.

The services offered include a free 30-minute coaching session and a range of options for phone, video, and email sessions. He also offers a text message service if you need ‘in the moment’ advice. 

Get the relationship advice you need with expert coaching from Carlos Hines today! 

For more information, you can visit the URL above.

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