Get The Best Cloud PAM & Cybersecurity | Gartner Just In Time Approach

Jun 1, 2022

Cybersecurity is essential for your cloud-based businesses. Find out how the just-in-time privileged access management approach can help your company achieve zero standing permissions and prevent data breaches.

Get The Best Cloud PAM & Cybersecurity | Gartner Just In Time Approach

You’re just wrapping up another long remote workday when your phone rings. It’s the head of cybersecurity. Picking up the call, you hear the words you’ve always dreaded: there’s been a data breach.

Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Companies across the globe have been scrambling for the past year to keep up with an accelerated amount of cyberattacks. The good news? Britive has data on a new approach that is revolutionizing privileged access management for cloud-based companies.

The Glendale, California-based cybersecurity company has published a report on the just-in-time approach that helps to minimize the risk of stolen credentials, privilege abuse, data breaches, loss, and non-compliance for cloud-based companies.

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The report comes at a critical time for many organizations. Last year alone, cyber attacks increased by 50% and companies experienced a 17-year high in the average cost of a data breach at $4.24 million.

Implementing a JIT approach to access management can help you minimize security risks and reach the industry target of zero standing privileges (ZSP). The technology is designed to grant temporary access to an authorized user for the completion of a task and then remove that access when the task is finished.

In doing so, agitators will be denied the permission needed to proceed with a breach. Additionally, your security team will gain broader control of potential attack surfaces and eliminate standing and excessive privileges, which are a critical security concern for most cloud-based organizations.

The report also includes a breakdown of what leading technology research firm Gartner, Inc. calls the Five Ws of Privileges Access, which helps determine who has access to what, where they access it, and for what reason. Typical people who require access to secure systems include administrators, operators, developers, project staff, and third-party contractors and vendors.

Britive is on a mission to eliminate the security risks associated with using cloud infrastructure. The Britive multi-cloud privilege management platform is a flexible tool that allows you to significantly reduce data security management costs. With just-in-time permissioning, pre-authorized access privileges with automatic expiration, and proactive threat monitoring, it allows your company to maintain a ZSP security posture. The platform is easily integrated with your existing cloud and SaaS services for a seamless and cost-efficient experience.

Many technology professionals agree that it is essential to prioritize PAM as a cyber defense mechanism. We are in a new digital era where cyber security plays a key role in enabling zero trust and defense-in-depth strategies that extend beyond mere compliance requirements. Britive's goal is to help you stay ahead of disruption and accelerate your business growth.

There is literally no time to wait. The hackers are out there and it’s in your best interest to defend your cloud-based business with the most current tools.

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