Get The Best Augmented Reality Promotions For Your Customers Here

Aug 16, 2022

Find out how Sequel MV have created an amazing augmented reality experience for Bridgestone Golf customers. If you need experiential design and unique content for your shoppers, talk to the team today. (615-241-5734)

Get The Best Augmented Reality Promotions For Your Customers Here

Sequel MV are doing exciting things with augmented reality. Check out the amazing campaign collaboration with Bridgestone Golf. Could your business benefit from some creative content experiences?

The new partnership with Bridgestone Golf is using advanced interactive technology to promote a range of golf balls. The project is part of the company’s ongoing expansion and innovation via mobile device-friendly digital design, designed to engage Bridgestone customers who are searching for the ideal golf ball with a unique retail experience.

Try the new Bridgestone Golf Experience now at:

The announcement outlines the multi-layered features of Sequel’s augmented reality retail solutions. The Bridgestone Golf collaboration showcases the company’s expertise in creating original, interactive experiences for shoppers. By leveraging mobile devices’ image recognition technology, the web app can identify designs displayed on product packaging and store signage as triggers, which activate interactive content experiences.

The Bridgestone Golf app features several high-profile golfers such as Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, Lexi Thompson, and Matt Kuchar. Upon scanning a package or retail marketing image, users get to watch these acclaimed athletes talk about the features and technology used in Bridgestone’s new line of Tour B golf balls. The stars appear via augmented reality, speaking directly to the customer.

The idea is to have customers scan as many packages or retail marketing targets as possible with each one leading to a new experience. Targets consist of individual or sleeve packaged golf balls and also of marketing signage in popular golf retail stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods.

About Sequel MV

Led by Brandon Mize & Matt Voss, the company’s team comprises experiential designers and strategists, award-winning creatives specializing in everything from content creation, virtual reality, augmented reality, custom app design and near-field communications. Sequel is based in Nashville, TN.

A spokesperson says, “As a technology-focused brand, Bridgestone wanted to use Extended Reality as a medium to deliver a one-of-a-kind retail experience. Sequel had just the idea: Athlete-driven Augmented Reality content, triggered straight from their golf ball packaging and retail marketing collateral.”

Sequel MV continues to pioneer creative content for businesses with its unique blend of cutting-edge technology and customer-focused immersive marketing strategies.

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