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May 8, 2020

Do you want to improve your children’s reading skills at home? Check out this new guide from Kids Learning To Read for all the details you need!

With schools around the country bring closed, it’s important to help your children learn, develop and grow at home. That includes improving their reading comprehension. Luckily this new guide from Kids Learning To Read is here to help!

Kids Learning To Read have launched a new children’s development guide for parents and carers. The online advice hub helps you to understand the best ways to aid your children’s development. With coronavirus causing schools to be closed, now is a good chance for you to improve your children’s reading skills.

Kids Learning To Read is an online resource for parents who are looking for advice on ways to help their children to be happy, healthy and intelligent adults. The site contains a wealth of advice on different topics, and provides a framework for at-home learning during lockdown. This includes helping children to learn the key skill of reading.

Not only is reading an essential requirement for navigating the world beyond childhood, reading also helps children to perform better at school and expands their vocabulary. Teaching children to read helps them to increase their general knowledge and to better understand the world and its inhabitants.

The skill of reading begins right at home from a very young age, with you being the chief educator for their early years. From as early as the age of two, you can help children begin the process of learning to read by reading aloud to them, using picture books and by providing them with a comfortable and quiet place to read.

Kids Learning To Read have also released a guide called The Seven Principles to Raising Healthy, Intelligent and Happy Kids. The team behind the guide explains that children have a magnet-like learning ability. They observe everything their parents do and the world around them. It is this absorbed knowledge that shapes their learning and experiences.

The guide aims to help parents to parent with love, purpose and consistency. The guide covers these seven main areas: 1: Values and expectations, 2: Importance of boundaries, 3: Teaching responsibility for actions, 4: The value of struggle as a teacher, 5: Showing a child faith in their abilities, 6: The value of gratitude, 7: Teaching children emotional stability and consistency.

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