Get The Best Advice To Secure Your Dream Property With A Low Ball Offer

Jan 7, 2021

The Wealth Building Way team have launched a new guide aimed at people who want to find a real estate deal in their local area for less. The team explain there are proven strategies that can ensure a low-ball offer on property is accepted.

Are you looking to purchase a property to be your main residence or for investment purposes? Have you tried making a low-ball offer? Do you to learn the secrets to making low-ball offers that are likely to be accepted and not offend the seller? If you have answered ‘yes,’ this is the new guide with proven strategies for you!

A new guide has been launched aimed at you if you are a potential home buyer or real estate investor and you want to learn the proven strategies that will get your low ball offers accepted. The team at the Wealth Building Way explain the best real estate opportunities are those that appear to be mispriced or poorly marketed.

You can read the guide in full at

The newly launched guide gives an example of a residential property that was being listed by an out-of-town agent. The team explain that because he was not a local agent, he did not have a network of agents to send the listing to.

In this scenario, the guide explains the agent accepted an offer $110,000 less than another buyer was prepared to make as the deal had already been closed with a handshake. The Wealth Building Way team explain that as you may be aware the real estate market is less efficient when compared to the stock market, which is why you should be diligent when looking for deals.

Proven strategies that work without insulting the seller are provided for you within the guide. The team explain the goal of any low-ball offer is to get the negotiation process started, it is not about getting your offer accepted at face value.

The first step to having your low-ball offer accepted is to understand the neighborhood comps for the past 12 to 24 months explain the team. They add that the comp that sold for the lowest on a price-only basis must be used as your reasonable anchor for submitting a low-ball offer, even if the comp is not like-for-like.

You can also use the following strategies explain the team; understand your seller’s background, your city’s listing culture, and create a generic letter template that appeals to sellers.

A spokesperson said: “Selling property is a stressful process because you have so much to lose – your pride, your time, and your money.”

“By meeting in the middle, you will make the seller feel good knowing they got more than the initial offer, even though that was your plan all along,” they added.

You can read the guide in full by visiting the link provided!

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