Get Qualified AIDA Open Water Freediving Instruction From Dubai, UAE Experts

Dec 10, 2021

Do you want to learn freediving but COVID has held you back? Forget SE Asia, because Dubai-based Freediving UAE (+971-56-976-1000) provides world-class facilities and beautiful waters.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done freediving before, because the AIDA Level I and Level II courses provide you with all the knowledge you need to explore the depths

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Ongoing travel restrictions have made popular freediving destinations such as Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia less accessible. Don’t let that get you down, because the team of qualified AIDA instructors at Freediving UAE are ready to get you started.

Freediving differs from its more well-known counterparts in that you do not use any form of breathing apparatus. While the practice has been used as a means of gathering food for thousands of years, it is now growing in popularity as a form of extreme sport.

Diving for pearls was a source of wealth for the UAE long before oil was discovered, and the calm, warm waters continue to make it an ideal environment for you to practice freediving. The courses allow you to experience the sport in both confined and open water.

If you are completely new to freediving, the updated AIDA Level I course is designed to develop the basic skills and knowledge needed to enjoy the sport safely. It includes both theory and practical instruction, with the latter being conducted in confined water.

The AIDA Level II foundation course provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to freedive safely with or without a guide line. It builds on the first level course, providing both confined and open water experience.

About Freediving UAE

Freediving UAE has been in operation since 2009. As the oldest and largest freediving school in the GCC region, the company is best placed to provide a full range of courses, trips, and coaching for all skill levels.

A satisfied client stated: “I found Freediving UAE after doing extensive research on freediving courses. This is the best place to learn to freedive. Yuriy is not only skilled and highly knowledgeable, he is also absolutely passionate and will hook you both to diving and his wicked sense of humor.”

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