Get Promotional Challenge Coins With NFC Chip To Raise Funds At Charity Events

Mar 14, 2023

For your next charity event, consider a run of Gray Water Ops challenge coins with NFC chip integrations. They are more likely to drive donations than simple business cards!

Get Promotional Challenge Coins With NFC Chip To Raise Funds At Charity Events

The work of a charity or fundraising promoter is incredibly difficult. Convincing people to give up their hard-earned cash out of the goodness of their hearts is a tough sell for the more miserly among us, and even if you do find an interested, philanthropically-minded person, you've still got to sell them on the cause.

Gray Water Ops knows how difficult this can be, and want to make the process a little easier. Now, rather than offering nothing in return, you can hand donators a high-quality custom-branded challenge coin; a long-lasting reminder of their good deed. Not only that, but these coins can be programmed with NFC integrations, which may encourage others to donate as well!

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Challenge coins integrated with NFC chips were patented by Gray Water Ops, and have opened the door to a whole new dimension of utility for these keepsakes. The coins can be programmed to automatically link to charity websites, Gofundme, or mutual aid funds by passing them over a receiver such as the ones found in most modern smart devices.

Now, each donor who receives a coin and shows it off to a friend can easily link that person to your website, simply by waving the coin over their phone!

Now, you can promote your event with merchandise that drives traffic and brand recognition simultaneously. In a study, the coins were shown to be more memorable than business cards or other traditional merchandise, and are more likely to improve donation rates as a result.

The coins can be printed or engraved with high-quality metals and enamel fitted into a solid brass casing. The Gray Water Ops catalog features a wide variety of customization options as well, and their design team is willing to work with you to create a fully personalized product to suit any need.

The company’s design team offers their services for no added charge and will create customized artwork based on your requests. In the past, they have crafted challenge coins for military and police organizations, sporting events, reunions, and more; a catalog of examples is available to browse on their website. You can also submit your own designs, which the team will translate into raised enamel or laser-engraved artwork to better suit the coin face.

One client said, “I received the coins yesterday and I couldn’t be more happy. The team nailed the coins and they came out awesome. The feedback from the guys about the designs has been great and I have shown the members coins to a few guys just to see what they thought; the reaction, I will say, made me very proud to have designed it as the team should be to have produced it.”

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If you are looking for that special something to sweeten the deal and get people to donate to your cause, a high-quality handcrafted challenge coin is a solid choice. Bulk orders start at 100 coins, and you can get a free quote for your order at the link below.

Gray Water Ops is 100% veteran owned and operated, and are devoted to providing their clients with a quality product in an efficient manner. They take pride in their place in the veterans’ community, and often hold sales to generate donations for aid groups such as the Red Cross.

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