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Jun 13, 2023

ERTC Express offers professional claims assistance to help small businesses get the financial relief they need following the impact of Covid-19.

Most businesses are still unaware that they qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit, which means millions could go unclaimed.

Don't fall into that trap - reach out to the team at ERTC Express to get pre-qualified and stand the best chance of securing the money you're owed!

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The service is part of a larger awareness campaign by ERTC Express, which notes that 75% of previous clients were unaware that they qualified for a refund. The credit is open to companies that had supply chain disturbances, were impacted by group gathering limitations, or had to shut down.

The ERTC program, established by the federal government, offers financial relief if your business was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But many business owners believe that it is only available to essential businesses.

ERTC Express aims to rectify this and guide you through the complexities of the program, beginning with a pre-qualification. By assessing your eligibility upfront, the firm allows you to apply with more confidence. The team also manages the entire application on your behalf.

Professional guidance is recommended because the scope of the program has changed over time, and the application requirements are different based on whether you were impacted in 2020 or 2021.

The firm provides audit-proof documentation, eliminating concerns about potential IRS queries and reducing the likelihood of delayed payment. Each application is reviewed by three certified public accountants, ensuring that your claim is accurate and compliant with all regulatory requirements.

ERTC Express has already assisted numerous businesses in successfully claiming their ERTC benefits. Examples include a transportation company based in Virginia, which received $500,000 in tax credits. A BBQ restaurant was also able to claim $400,000 thanks to the expertise and support provided by the team.

A spokesperson states: "The ERTC tax incentive has several provisions that make it possible for employers who were not forced to completely shut down their business to still qualify for the ERTC. Revenue is just one of many factors that determine whether you qualify. In fact, companies without a considerable revenue decline and even increases in revenue can still qualify for the employee retention tax credit."

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