Get New And Pre-Owned Custom Work Desks, Chairs For Your Home Office

Mar 29, 2021

Professional office design and furniture consultants at Sumner Furniture and Design can help you transform any space into a stylish and functional office. Call 703-348-5697 or visit to order your office furniture online.

Are you looking to reconfigure your home office or personal workspace? Setting up an office can be a challenge, especially with limited floor space. Get professional help with designing your office and find furniture that maximizes your productivity at Sumner Furniture and Design.

The online furniture store has upgraded its product lines to meet the growing demand for inexpensive work from home furniture as more offices explore extended or permanent remote working arrangements for their employees.

Sumner Furniture and Design showcases a range of stylish, functional, and cost-effective furniture available through its online store. The company’s home office work desks feature large, easily accessible workspaces to maximize productivity and ample storage and utility spaces.

The store also showcased a new antimicrobial chair with an easy-clean seat infused with silver ions to inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi. The chair features built-in lumbar support, height-adjustable arms, and adjustable tilt control.

Office furniture consultants help customers find ergonomic office furniture and elegant home furniture that meets their stylistic preferences and budget. They can also help customers design or reconfigure their office layout and choose furniture that allows for the efficient use of floor space.

The Sumner Furniture and Design online store features new furniture from reputed manufacturers. Expert installers ensure that desks, chairs, and storage are set up safely and to manufacturer specifications. The company offers customized furniture solutions for offices, schools, restaurants, and other businesses.

Sumner Furniture and Design offers pandemic office disinfection services across its service area. The store also installs acrylic partitions, sneeze guards, floor-to-ceiling room partitions, and cubicle partitions.

Sumner Furniture and Design is a full-service furniture and office sanitation services store in Sterling, VA headed by Founder and CEO Jeff Thorner. The store features new and pre-owned sanitized furniture and accessories from more than 100 leading manufacturers.

Call 703-348-5697 or visit to order your office furniture online or to speak to an office furniture consultant.

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