Marc Kulick’s Kansas City Volunteer Buddy Program For Children With Disabilities

Apr 25, 2024

Here’s a chance to set your little achiever on a path to making friends for life! Marc Kulick, CEO of Vesta Capital, is partnering with KCteen to launch the Friends@Home (410-530-4150) program for children with disabilities in Kansas City.

Is your differently-abled child finding it tough to make friends? With some social skills training and peer mentoring, you can boost their social experiences and help them feel less isolated.

Sign up for the Friends@Home program at

The Friendship Circle of Kansas City (FCKC) gives kids and teens with special needs the opportunity to join in fun and recreational activities alongside peers from the community. Their new program, Friends@Home, is set to help foster connections and friendships.

Who can be a part of the program?

Every kid and family is welcome, no matter their background. FCKC matches trained teen volunteers with children who have special needs for weekly visits at home. 

Your kid can be a part of this program if they have:

  • difficulty with social communication and interaction
  • trouble picking up on social cues
  • cognitive challenges
  • short attention span during social interactions
  • physical or mobility challenges

The program helps build confidence, dreams, and open up new possibilities for your child. Rabbi Avremi Baron, the co-founder, says that Friends@Home also teaches teen volunteers the value of giving back and the joy of making a real difference in someone else's life.

“These visits go a long way to curing loneliness through bonding and shared experiences with their teen volunteers,” said Rabbi Avremi. “Friends are not a luxury, friends are a necessity. Together with our incredible teens, we want to be that friend for a child who struggles to connect with others and show them the love that everyone deserves.”

FCKC is a nonprofit project jointly run by Marc Kulick, Alicia Kulick, and KCteen (a Jewish youth community established by Rabbi Avremi and Mushky Baron). Marc Kulick is the CEO of Vesta Capital, a real estate investment firm that serves communities in Arkansas, Kansas City, and Oklahoma.

The organization upholds the belief that all individuals, no matter their abilities, deserve the chance to build meaningful relationships and actively participate in society.

Explaining his interest in the program, Marc Kulick said, “People often underestimate how much impact basic friendships have on our lives. We want to make sure that every child gets to experience that feeling of being so excited to have a friend come over and truly connect.”

Do you want to participate or make donations? Reach out to Rabbi Avremi or Vesta Capital for more information.

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