Why Choose Vesta Capital for Smarter Multifamily Investments in Oklahoma?

Apr 12, 2024

Highlighting their expertise in maximizing investor returns, Vesta Capital recently wrapped up the successful sale of their Waterford property in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Looking to diversify your portfolio with lucrative multifamily property investments? The Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas markets offer excellent opportunities just waiting to be explored. To maximize your returns, consider putting your money into a trusted invested firm with a proven track record in the area.

One success story worth looking into is https://vestarealproperty.com Founded in 2017, Vesta Capital boasts a robust portfolio exceeding 10,000 units across Class A, B, and C+ assets strategically located in Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Just recently, the company wrapped up the sale of Waterford, a 344-unit property located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vesta Capital acquired the Waterford property for $23,564,000 (or $67,500 per unit) in late 2018. Through strategic renovations and property management, they were able to significantly increase its value. The property was ultimately sold for $32,336,000 (or $94,000 per unit), translating to a total project return of 21.8% and a project equity multiple of 1.92x for investors. 

Vesta Capital's Strategic Approach to Success

Vesta Capital's vertically integrated model plays a significant role in their success. By handling the entire process – from acquisition and renovation to ongoing property management – they ensure optimal control, which allows them to unlock hidden value in properties and create high-quality living spaces for residents.

Property Management Experts

The firm’s property management expertise gives them a significant edge in the market. Through Vesta Realty, the company’s fully owned property management company, Vesta oversees every aspect of their properties in-house, ensuring full operational control, real-time monitoring of onsite activities, and resident satisfaction. Vesta Realty employs over 300 professionals across Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Focused Investments 

Vesta Capital strategically focuses their investment activities in the communities of Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Little Rock, which were identified after extensive analysis for their risk-adjusted return potentials. According to this report from the National Association of Realtors, the local markets of Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma present strong investment potentials, thanks to these states' growing population, robust infrastructure building, diverse industries, and business-friendly climates. 

Building A Robust Portfolio

Since its founding in 2017, Vesta Capital has acquired over 9,600 units with a combined value exceeding $925 million. With a strong focus on off-market properties, the company adheres to stringent underwriting standards, acquiring properties strategically positioned for success in diverse market conditions. Committed to fostering an exceptional living experience for their residents, Vesta Capital invests in reinvigorating and renovating acquired properties, which in turn enhances property values and desirability in the market.

Make Smarter Investments with Vesta Capital

Vesta Capital remains optimistic about the future. They plan to increase investor liquidity, present new investment opportunities, and further strengthen their property management team. Their success story serves as a testament to the strength of the multifamily market in the cities they serve, offering attractive opportunities for investors seeking stable returns.

Interested in learning more about Vesta Capital and multifamily investments in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas? Visit their website at https://www.vestarealproperty.com to explore current opportunities.

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