Get Information On Cheap Private Jet Flights With Latest Christchurch NZ Report

Feb 20, 2021

Cabinfly, a private jet website from Christchurch, New Zealand released a report on how private chartered flights are now an affordable option for both domestic and international flights in New Zealand.

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Cabinfly, a private chartered flights website from Christchurch, New Zealand released a report on why you should consider booking private chartered domestic and international flights in New Zealand.

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The report from Cabinfly aims to inform you on how booking a private jet may be a viable and affordable travel option.

According to the report, while booking private chartered flights may sound luxurious, it can actually be cheaper than you would think. These flights now come with discounts and have many cost-reducing options such as semi-private shared flights and empty leg flights.

Shared flights are a good option if you do not mind flying with others. Sharing a flight reduces costs significantly as it is divided among other passengers.

Empty leg flights are flights scheduled to fly without any passengers. With these flights, you can enjoy the luxury of flying on a private luxury plane by occupying empty seats for a small portion of the price. Finding and booking these flights are possible through websites such as where you can even request to be notified of any upcoming flights or request a route that other passengers can share.

Furthermore, the report states that booking chartered flights lends you the ease and freedom that a commercial flight can not offer. You can choose where and when to fly and even what plane to fly in. Plus, you can avoid the stress of having to wait in long lines at check-in counters and eliminate having to deal with flight delays and cancellations.

The report also points out that with a private charter, the rare experience of flying on a luxury plane comes with being able to pick the airport to leave and arrive at and even have the option to book multiple leg flights to get to as many destinations in a shorter time - thus eliminating the stress of having to catch several connecting flights to get to one destination.

Cabinfly is the trusted name in affordable chartered private jet travel.

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