Get High Grade Food Product Inspection & Precise Checkweighing Accuracy In Iowa

Aug 11, 2023

If you’re in the packaged foods industry, you can’t leave your products’ fill requirements to chance. For the best in high grade checkweighing technologies, look to Pack & Inspect Group, Iowa’s specialists in food and beverage packaging, inspection, and conveying solutions.

At a time when consumer budgets are tight and corporate integrity is key to customer loyalty, companies can't risk lapses in product quality control. For those in the packaged foods industry, this not only means the safety and quality of the contents of the package, but it also means delivering on quantity.

If your bag of potato chips reads 24 ounces, that bag needs to contain at least 23.1 ounces of chips because this fill level is what ensures compliance with weights and measures regulations and garners customer loyalty, while just a couple of mishaps going viral can quickly destroy that loyalty.

With so much at stake, it's important your checkweighing technologies are cutting edge.

Pack & Inspect Group in Iowa are here to meet those standards. Their line of food product inspection technologies includes METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed checkweighers, high grade applications that combine durable operational performances with precise accuracy to ensure your product weight specs are met.

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While issues with foreign materials making their way into the food products you sell can have a devastating impact on your company's reputation and revenues, maintaining product weight consistency is equally important. Discrepancies in expected product contents and what the customer gets can quickly impact customer loyalty which can ultimately impact profits.

To help your company avoid these types of issues, food and beverage quality control experts Pack & Inspect now offer Hi-Speed Checkweighers backed by METTLER TOLEDO’s network of field service technicians and the iPac support paradigm.

“For any company selling products by weight, high performance checkweighers are integral to consistent quality. Discrepancies in this area can lead to various adverse consequences for food brands and parent companies which then affect sustainability and profitability,” says a spokesperson for Pack & Inspect Group. “Whatever your product or your package, and no matter the size of your company, your products need to be safely, securely, and accurately packaged. At Pack & Inspect, we represent the best in breed of major manufacturers, including METTLER TOLEDO product inspection products to ensure the highest industry standards are met.”

Pack & Inspect's checkweigher technology is designed to meet four key goals. They prevent under-filled packages from making it to the marketplace, help reduce product waste caused by overfilling, provide completeness checks to verify the number of items in larger packages, and they provide valuable production data and feedback that can be used to improve production processes.

Three of the newest models of checkweighers Pack & Inspect carries include the C31 General Purpose Checkweigher, (available with Safeline metal detector Combi), the CM3 Combi Checkweigher & Metal Detector (available with a range of Combi configurations), and the Starweigh XS for Precision Excellence, an application that ensures maximum accuracy and compliance with FDA, GMP, and other industry standards.

Providers of local food and beverage packaging, inspection, and conveying solutions in throughout the Midwest, Pack & Inspect Group represents industry leading checkweighing applications. If you're in the packaged foods sector, you can rely on their high-performance product line and uncompromising standards to deliver the compliance, consistency and accuracy you need.

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