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Aug 16, 2023

Get the right movers, and the right package, for your next move – and make it a breeze. This free guide from explains how to decide whether you should pack yourself, or hire a professional, and it even provides free cost estimates.

Did you know that you can hire a full-service moving company that does... well... everything?

Okay, maybe not quite everything - they won't bring in the morning paper or make your breakfast, but they'll disassemble and pack up all your possessions safely, transport them to your new home, and then even unpack, assemble, and put them all in place.

The only thing is... it can get a little pricey, especially if you have a large number of "specialty items" that are particularly difficult to move - but we'll get into that in a minute.

It's all in this new packing and moving strategy guide from, that explores all of the different options, and how to choose the best one. Just click here to read the full guide, or to get free rate estimates for your upcoming move.

Their free guide explains it all, the benefits, drawbacks, estimated rates, and all the differences between the most popular options for packing. If all you really care about is how much it's going to cost though, feel free to skip the guide, and just click the "Get Quotes" button on their website to get quick estimates from local professionals.

So what are your options?

If we want to keep it really simple, you could say you can choose between self-packing, full-service packing, and specialty item packing... but, well, it's actually a bit more complicated. While you can choose any of those options, you can also choose just about anything in between, if you talk to the moving company about it.

You could get full-service packing for one room, self-packing for another, and specialty services for that incredibly fancy and breakable chandelier that your grandmother left to you. The point is, you have options - you just need to find the ones that suit your needs and budget.

The full guide explains how each option works, approximately how costly they are, and how to make the most out of them. For example, some people like to convenience of having everything professionally packed and delivered to their new home - but then prefer to set everything up themselves, so they can take their time deciding where each item belongs.

It's not a bad idea, in my opinion, because the movers will make sure everything is packed properly and arrives safely, which can be a lot of work. They'll disassemble all your furniture, wrap and pack each piece, and they can even take the photos and art off your walls for packing.

When it comes to specialty items, that's where this free guide from can really help - because this is a big decision you need to make. We're talking about big, heavy, awkward, fragile, or expensive items - that are a little out of the ordinary. If you've got chandeliers, expensive artwork, large mirrors, or anything like that, you may want to consider this option.

If nothing else, it will save you the stress and hassle of trying to move it yourself and provide you with a bit of extra insurance.

What about your appliances though? Of course, the guide covers them too - but its advice may surprise you. While you can get these professionally packed... there's really not a lot to it for most appliances - and insurance doesn't cover appliances that won't work after the move. So if you're getting a full-service packing job, but looking to save a few bucks, packing your own appliances may be the way to go.

No matter which option you choose, it's a good idea to shop around at least a little bit and get an idea of the rates from a few different professionals. The good news is, that's super easy with this simple tool from that gives you up to 7 free, no-obligation estimates from local experts, by filling out a single, easy form.

You can get your free estimates by clicking here, or you can click any of the other links in this blog to read the full, free guide.

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