Get Free Divorce Consultation In Commack Via Phone With Zimmer Mathiesen & Associates

May 18, 2020

Looking for advice on your impending divorce but you’re on COVID-19? Then look no further! Zimmer, Mathiesen, and Associates are offering free over-the-phone consultations.

Zimmer, Mathiesen, and Associates have announced that they are offering free over-the-phone divorce consultation, amidst COVID-19 restrictions. The New York-based company has a reputation for being an aggressive, compassionate, and highly effective family law and divorce law firm.

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With the newly introduced free mobile divorce consultation, potential clients can get a number of questions answered by the team of associates. Among the questions that will be addressed are the rights you have and are entitled to in a divorce, how your assets can be protected in time, how to get the money your children deserve, and how not to get ripped off in Court or by your ex-spouse’s Lawyers.

Zimmer, Mathiesen, and Associates have practiced exclusively in the matrimonial and family law field for more than twenty years and has helped thousands of clients achieve satisfying outcomes. Given that family law and divorce law are the firm’s sole practice areas, the team guarantees that all of their clients are sure to receive the best advice and representation in this field.

The firm promises to satisfy the legal needs of those considering divorce or separation, or in need of custody or child support legal assistance. Along with the free divorce consultation, Zimmer, Mathiesen, and Associates offer no-fault divorce, contested divorce, child custody, spousal & child support, visitation, asset protection, and same-sex divorce.

The New York-based law firm has been rated by satisfied clients,as having the best team ever. One particular past client recalls the positive experience he had with the firm while battling through a frustrating alimony situation.

If you decide to consult with Zimmer, Mathiesen, and Associates, you can walk away having peace of mind knowing that your life, assets, and rights are protected. Added to this, you will also be more knowledgeable about what your relocation and parental rights are, and how to get the custody and visitation you deserve.

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