Get FAA Certified To Fly Drones For The Agriculture & Solar Power Industries

May 27, 2022

Peekaboo Sales wants to help you get the certification needed to become a professional drone pilot and work in the solar, agriculture, and construction industries.

Get FAA Certified To Fly Drones For The Agriculture & Solar Power Industries

Flying a drone can be a valuable skill in today’s economy, especially in industries like solar energy. However, getting the certification necessary to fly safely can be more difficult than you might expect, which is why Peekaboo Sales has launched its new pilot training course.

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The program has been launched to keep up with an increase in demand for pilots capable of performing these surveying techniques, which traditionally may have been conducted via airplane or helicopter. Not only will they learn the art of aerial survey photography, but also the regulatory boundaries to stay safe while in the air.

Many industries have found drones to be an incredibly cost-effective way to capture a wealth of data that, in the past, would have been much more expensive and difficult to obtain. Demand for qualified drone pilots is on the rise, but given the regulatory requirements imposed by the FAA, finding individuals with the skills necessary to fly can be difficult.

With this in mind, Peekaboo Sales is encouraging you to engage with this course material and acquire these valuable skills. Their course contains over 100 modules and can be taken entirely online and at your own pace, making it ideal for those looking for an alternative source of income.

The solar industry is also burgeoning right now, meaning that getting this certification can be a great way to get in early on a growing economic sector. Installing solar panels on rooftops starts with a survey and many solar companies work with drone pilots, as aerial surveys are less time-consuming and provide more accurate data compared to traditional methods.

You don’t want to miss out on the future of this technology, especially given that things are still in their early stages. If you take this course now, you will be rewarded ten-fold down the line when drone pilots are needed in nearly every industry on the market.

The course is explicitly designed to help you pass the FAA exam and get the regulatory permissions required to fly safely in civilian airspace. Beginners will find the course material accessible and well-designed, and those who already have drone experience will find the certification will elevate their flying prowess even further.

Peekaboo Sales wants to encourage drone pilots who are interested in this course to get the certification and take advantage of this opportunity. Savvy pilots can use their newfound skills to build their own business on the back of this course, which will provide a solid foundation for success.

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