Get Extra Kitchen Space With A Durable, Easy-To-Install Sill-Less Awning Window

May 31, 2023

OpenUp Windows specializes in long-lasting gas strut pass-thru awning windows with sill-less designs and 3-sided frames for seamless counter or tabletop installation. The ideal way to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces, awning windows instantly add extra space to your kitchen.

Did you know you can instantly add space to your kitchen by creating a seamless connection between your interiors and your backyard patio?


With a gas strut pass-thru window from industry leading design manufacturers OpenUp Windows.

With this innovative home enhancing solution, you can expand your kitchen area and improve its functionality with a gorgeous feature window that offers a panoramic view of the outdoors when closed, and makes passing food, drink and utensils back and forth from patio to kitchen a breeze when open.

Imagine your kitchen with a pass-thru window. All that natural light, loads of fresh air ventilation, and uninterrupted socializing when you're with family and friends on the patio. Unlock your kitchen's full potential with a gas strut awning window from the company where the promise is in the name.

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As open design schemes continue to be the most popular choice among homeowners, OpenUp Windows’ pass-thru awning windows bring greater utility and visual appeal to this enduring preference.

Thanks to a sill-less design and 3-sided framing, it's easy to mount your pass-thru window on a counter or tabletop where it will rest flush against its base. Instantly add more space to your kitchen while making dining and socializing on your backyard deck a whole lot more enjoyable and convenient.

“Bring everyone to the part with our gas strut pass-thru awning windows,” says OpenUp Windows’ founder and chief engineer Ed Page. “Experience indoor/outdoor living at its best with the only sill-less pass-thru window with a 10-plus-40-year warranty.”

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Esteemed inventor and entrepreneur, Ed Page brings over 40 years of door and window design engineering to the OpenUp Windows line. The founder of 2Fold Technology, Ed and his team combine custom extruded aluminum sash and frame exteriors with Accoya wood sash and frame interiors for a weather-resistant, pest-resistant, and termite-resistant product you'll want to show off all year round.

Smooth gas strut propulsion opens your window to a 90-degree angle with a simple tap and keeps it in place until you tap it shut. Windowpanes are made with 1” insulated glass tempered with low e-coating to prevent UV rays from entering your home, and a built-in pleated retractable bug screen keeps your home safe from mosquitos and other insects.

Windows are precision cut by computer, assembled by hand, and quality tested by the OpenUp team.

With sill-less design, easy mounting 3-sided frame, and life-long durability, OpenUp Windows makes it incredibly simple for you to add extra space to your kitchen by making the most of your connection to the outdoors.

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