Get Extra Bar Space With A Commercial Counter/Table Mounted Gas Strut Window

May 28, 2023

OpenUp Windows’ custom commercial gas strut pass-through windows with fullbound sill are the perfect solution for creating additional outdoor bar space. Designed to be mounted on countertops and tabletops, these windows offer seamless indoor/outdoor connection to enhance both capacity and ambiance.

If you're a bar owner looking for the best way to expand your outdoor areas, you'll find that solution in a gas strut pass-through window by OpenUp Windows. Designed with your needs in mind, these custom commercial windows with fullbound sill are the ultimate choice for gaining extra outdoor space.

A pass-through window gives you a seamless flow between your bar area and your outdoor seating for effortless service and easy interaction with customers. Maximize your bar's capacity while creating the inviting vibe customers look for!

OpenUp Windows remains at the forefront of the industry because they're continually refining advancements in their design technologies. With a custom-tailored pass-through window, you can increase your outdoor spaces for better customer access without having to knock out walls or doors.

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OpenUp Windows understands that the bar and restaurant industry is notoriously competitive. You've got to find a way to break through the clutter to optimize capacity so you can turn over as many covers as possible while ensuring your bar is the local hotspot.

With a line of customizable table or counter-mounted commercial gas strut windows, OpenUp Windows offers you a better alternative to cumbersome sliding windows so you can create an inviting, aesthetically appealing bar that enhances space, service, and customer interaction.

“When you invest in a gas strut pass-through window, you need to be sure it not only stands the test of time but that it’s expertly crafted. Our windows check all the boxes while helping bar and restaurant owners create an attractive order-placing space that integrates seamlessly with the outdoors,” says Ed Page, inventor and founder of OpenUp Windows. “We’ve worked extensively with commercial and residential clients alike, helping them make the most of their interior and exterior areas so they can achieve their overall goals.”

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When you choose a gas strut pass-through window from OpenUp Windows you're choosing a product that's precision cut by computers and built by hand. The OpenUp team incorporates Ed’s signature 2Fold Technology - which combines extruded tubular aluminum with Accoya wood - for the best product on the market.

They use heavy extruded aluminum because it's stronger than standard aluminum, and sustainably sourced Accoya wood around the sash interior and frame for a heavy-duty, cost-effective, longer-lasting window.

Designed to be mounted on either a tabletop or countertop, commercial gas strut windows sit flush against their base. When opened, the window remains at a 90-degree angle to allow for full bar area exposure. The result is a minimalist feature with maximum customer access.

Customizable size, glass, and finishes make it easy for you to match your window installation to your existing design palette and architectural specs. Windows are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty plus a 40-year warranty on weather and pest-proof Accoya components.

Designing a new bar or renovating your current business? Integrate a custom commercial gas strut window with fullbound sill for extra outdoor accessibility and a storefront that's as attractive as it is functional.

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