Get Expert Negotiation Tips For A Better Deal On Your Car Financing Package

Oct 29, 2022

Think you’re good at negotiating? Learn how you can strike a better deal when it comes to buying a car. Don’t get ambushed by dodgy finance agents, come and see us at Mike’s Car Store and check out our latest guide to haggling! (812-940-6453)

Get Expert Negotiation Tips For A Better Deal On Your Car Financing Package

Are you sick of all that salesman schtick from car dealers? Wanna do business but without the bull? Here at Mike’s Car Store, founded by me – Chevy Dude – we’re turning the vehicle finance game on its head and putting you in the driver’s seat. Hell, we’re even gonna tell you how not to get duped!

If you want to avoid some of the most common and most costly mistakes that buyers tend to make, read on!

My name’s Mike Davenport, aka as Chevy Dude, and I’m the boss here at Mike’s Car Store. I’m gonna give you some tips that’ll put more money in your pocket and get you a great car in the bargain. Think you know how to haggle? Reckon I can show you a thing or two!

You can check out Mike’s Car Store website for loads of tips on making financing fairer and faster too. More details at–first-time-buyer-guide-launched

It’s time for a fresh perspective on gaining the upper hand when entering into financial agreements with car dealers. These guys make a living out of you paying over the odds, so here are a few tricks to beat ’em at their own game.

Finance departments take as much time as possible during the sales process and they do this so they can upsell a range of additional products that you probably don’t need. The longer the process takes, the more chance they have of getting credit offers from banks who won’t impose lower limits on back-end additions such as key fobs and tire insurance.

This just means they can sell you more stuff rather than give you the best deal. Don’t fall for it! Ask how long it’s going to take to give you some credit options and set a timer! Walk out if you have to! You have the upper hand, they want your business.

Another top tip is that you should, where possible, line up finance with an independent broker or bank before visiting a dealership to purchase your vehicle. This leaves you less vulnerable to pressure from sales agents and puts the onus on a finance department to offer you a more competitive package.

You should also think of every aspect of a car purchase as negotiable. Get sales agents to spell out the real-world costs of extra items such as extended warranties. See beyond a smaller bump in monthly payments and assess whether paying, for example, three or four thousand dollars over the finance period for an additional product is really worth it.

The highest-ticket item on any car finance package is the interest rate so don’t just accept the first rate they offer. Remember, their job is to protect the deal, you’re the one with the real power here.

It’s going to empower you to walk into the dealership with more confidence, knowing that you’re not going to overpay and walk out with the car that you want and get a price that you deserve.

For more info, go to–first-time-buyer-guide-launched

Don’t get taken for a ride when it comes to your car finance, trust the friendly crew here at Mike’s Car Store.

We’re looking forward to doing business with you!

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