Get Expert Guidance On Buying Heat-Treated Sapphires From Top Toronto Jeweller

Aug 3, 2021

Looking to learn about beautiful sapphire jewellery before you buy? Then the new article from Toronto-based jeweller, (+1-647-436-7733), has everything you need to know!

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a heat-treated and a non-heat treated sapphire is? Notice how some sapphires are just brighter and clearer than others? The new report from will explain!

The ethically sourced jeweller based in Toronto has launched a new report on the difference between heated and unheated sapphires used in jewellery.

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The newly released report has been designed as a practical resource for individuals interested in the difference between the two types of sapphires, and their benefits when used in engagement jewellery.

Sapphires have been considered a beautiful and highly coveted mineral for brides across history, and their popularity stays strong even today. However, modern technology has allowed expert jewellers to further increase the beauty of the gems through innovative heating processes, drawing out deeper or brighter shades in the stones, depending on their quality.

The article from discusses the various heat treatments that can be carried out on sapphires, explaining the procedures that mimic natural processes in a much shorter time. Heating the gems may be carried out with oxygen if you wish to lighten the stone, without oxygen for a darker colour, or to remove silk or asterism from a sapphire. The chosen process depends on your desired result.

The report goes on to discuss whether the heating treatments outlined weaken the gems in any way, discussing the durability of heated sapphires and the differences in the prices between treated and untreated stones. The company also mentions an additional way to treat the stones that would require further treatment if the gem were to be re-cut: diffusion. continues by explaining the importance of an honest gem dealer when you’re purchasing sapphires and sapphire jewellery to ensure that the right information is provided to you with the sale.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry,’s expertise on the subject is reputable and based on first-hand knowledge and experience. Their range of beautiful sapphires can be seen in the company’s cocktail rings, bridal jewellery, and engagement rings.

With the latest announcement, the company continues to invest in offering guaranteed sapphires of high quality to customers online and in the Toronto area.

The report reads: “ offers many certified sapphires and provides a 100% guarantee on our stock, and we provide Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificates for many of our high-end gems.” is the jeweller you can trust for quality sapphires, professional knowledge, and excellent service!

Ready to learn more? Visit to read the report for yourself!

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