Buy Only Natural Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Spinel and Gems From Toronto’s Top Jeweller

Jul 23, 2021

Canada’s favourite coloured gemstone dealer and private jeweller only sells ethically sourced, natural gems which will bring joy to the wearer and impress everyone who sees them.

Never compromise on the quality of your jewellery with synthetic gems. only ever sells natural gems that will increase in value and bring joy for years to come.

This family-owned business based in Toronto, Canada, selling ethically sourced, natural gems and jewellery since 1967, has announced the release of a video highlighting the company’s stance on the use of synthetic gems in fine jewellery.

More details can be found at

The announcement will be of interest to you if you are seeking to buy gemstones and are weighing up the pros and cons of purchasing synthetic gems when compared to natural gemstones.

The video, presented by co-owner, David Saad, shows you the history of synthetic gemstones and discusses their use across a range of industries. David emphasizes how synthetic gems have a place in industries like watchmaking and the manufacturing of almost indestructible screens for smartphones and tablets. David also highlights the potential of synthetic gems in the manufacturing of security glass. only sells natural gems. David is adamant that synthetic gems do not belong in fine jewellery. He highlights the fact that synthetic gems do not hold any long-term value. Natural and rare gems always go up in value, whereas fake, synthetic gems quickly depreciate. This loss of value will create problems for you if you’re looking to upgrade your jewellery as synthetic gems hold no real trade-in value. specializes in selling emerald, sapphire, ruby, spinel, opal, tanzanite, tourmaline, amethyst, citrine, garnet, and many other rare and beautiful gemstones. All gemstones sold by are bona fide natural earth mined gemstones and come with a lifetime guarantee and a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee. The company is a proud member of the Canadian Jewellers Association and serves customers like you all over Canada, the United States, and globally from its online store which was launched in 1999.

A spokesperson for said, “Our longstanding customers expect the best in terms of quality and service from us. This commitment to our customers means we only sell natural gems and jewellery that we can stand by and guarantee will not only make a beautiful gift but also hold and increase in value.” is Canada’s favourite coloured gemstone dealer and private jeweller. Visit them online or call (toll-free in the US and Canada) 1-647-436-7733 to book an appointment.

Are you looking for the highest quality gemstones and finest jewellery? Go to if you want to find out more.

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