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May 18, 2020

Have you had an insurance claim denied, delayed or underpaid in Florida? Do you want the best legal representation to get the compensation you deserve? Get in touch with Louis Law Group today!

Louis Law Group have launched a new service to ensure you get the best result in your insurance claim case. If your claim has been denied, they will work with you to remedy the result.

The service is particularly aimed at the needs of Florida businesses denied business interruption claims during the current epidemic and property owners who have had water damage claims denied.

Whether your business interruption claim has hit a brick wall, or your property has suffered water damage, they can help.

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The Louis Law Group are a team of highly trained insurance coverage litigators who have the legal expertise to assess any case of insurance claim denial.

There are many reasons why an insurance company may deny your claim. These include you not providing enough information or failure to provide requested information, failing to provide the insurance company with adequate notice, and possible fraud. Other reasons could be the claim not being covered by the policy, fault lying elsewhere, or excessive wear and tear.

Louis Law Group provide expert and help through this difficult process. They review your insurance company’s coverage determination to ensure that any insurance coverage denial is consistent with your insurance policy and applicable Florida law. Where necessary, the insurance attorney’s at Louis Law Group will challenge the insurance company’s coverage determination to force a favorable outcome on your behalf.

The attorneys at the Louis Law Group apply their in-depth knowledge of Florida law to each unique case. Their specialist expertise brings strategic thinking, creative solutions, and experience to effectively handle any valid insurance case.

The current epidemic has had a devastating effect on the Florida economy. Many businesses have been relying on their business interruption policy to see them through this difficult time.

The Louis Law Group are keen to hear from any businesses dissatisfied with their insurer’s response. They will assess the validity of that claim and are dedicated to helping Florida businesses get the settlements that they deserve.

Another area of specialization is loss due to water damage caused by water penetration after storm damage. An insurance policy is a legal contract and having an advocate who can translate the legal language for the client’s advantage is imperative.

The litigation experts at the Louis Law Group will assess any property owner’s denied claim and take action to speed up the claim process.

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You can get in touch today for the best representation!

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