Get Expert ADA Compliance For Websites Design For Your Pittsburgh Business Website

May 15, 2021

Digital Intent Marketing offers professional ADA compliant web design to help you maximize your online reach and avoid hundreds of thousands in potential losses!

Optimizing your website according to the latest ADA website compliance standards is essential: you’ll avoid costly lawsuits, offer an accessible online experience to users with disabilities, and tap into a multi-billion dollar market!

Digital Intent Marketing, an online marketing agency based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, announced an expansion of its services to provide professional ADA compliance for websites design and optimization. The company’s team of web designers, developers and marketers ensure that your website complies with all current ADA website compliance requirements and offers a streamlined browsing experience for all users.

Go to their website at ADA Compliance For Websites for more info.

The newly updated services aim to provide local and regional businesses in the Pittsburgh area with an effective way to adapt their websites to the current ADA regulations.

The ADA (American Disabilities Act) stipulates that owners, lessors or operators of “places of public accommodation” are required to offer equal access to users meeting the ADA disability standards.

Websites have been considered “places of public accommodation” by multiple courts, meaning that if your domain isn’t ADA-optimized you may risk potential legal action. With legal costs of up to $250,000, taking proactive steps to optimize your website is essential.

Digital Intent Marketing offers a complete web design solution that enables you to fully optimize your website to provide complete accessibility of websites for all users.

The agency undertakes a thorough analysis of your official website to identify the areas that can benefit from ADA optimization. You’ll get complete visual and audio design to ensure that all features are accessible to visitors with disabilities.

The benefits of having your website optimized according to the ADA standards extend beyond simply avoiding a costly lawsuit. According to recent figures the disabled market is expected to generate revenue of more than $30 billion by the end of 2024, making it an ideal way for companies looking to expand their reach.

The latest announcement is in line with the agency’s commitment to providing cutting-edge online marketing solutions adapted to the needs of modern Pittsburgh businesses.

Digital Intent Marketing is also available for professional SEO, content marketing, and various other solutions.

The agency is led and founded by Tom Gregan, a former Track & Field world record holder and digital marketing expert with over 25 years of experience.

You can find more info by visiting the website at Digital Intent Marketing.

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