Get Expert ADA Website Compliance Guidance & Pittsburgh Digital Marketing Sales Growth

Oct 22, 2021

Are you looking for the best digital marketing services in the Pittsburgh area? Check out Digital Intent Marketing today!

If you’re looking for cutting-edge branding, marketing and promotional services to build your online presence in Pittsburgh, you’re in the right place.

Digital Intent Marketing, based in Pittsburgh, PA, has updated its services for local clients. Run by Tom Gregan, the team strives to help you improve your online presence, increase lead generation, and achieve your growth goals.

Get in touch today to see how they can elevate your business and help you to achieve your sales goals!

More information can be found at:

The newly updated service (ada compliance for website) is part of Tom’s commitment to client satisfaction, and ensuring optimal ROI for businesses. He works with companies across sectors and strives to ensure that they can connect with more customers.

Tom is a former track and field world record holder, but has now transitioned into the marketing space. His work is centered on helping small and local businesses owners to secure more customers through the Digital Intent Marketing platform.

As part of the new service update, his team is offering a unique combination of services for your business. This includes ADA website compliance, omnipresence marketing, and voice keyword search.

He explains that ADA compliance and accessibility is still an undervalued aspect of running an effective online business. In today’s landscape, it’s imperative that your website is fully accessible.

In the law today, the Department of Justice explains that ADA applies to all websites. Meeting ADA compliance ensures that customers with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else while on a website.

To meet modern guidelines, your website needs to be accessible to those who have disabilities with their hearing, vision, or physical capacities.

Additional details are provided at:

ADA compliance also factors into building a strong safe online presence, because much of a business’s success is rooted in referrals, recommendations and reviews. In order maximize possibilities in these spaces, it’s important to be welcoming to all potential customers.

A spokesperson for Digital Intent Marketing states: “You are wide open for a lawsuit if a disabled person cannot access your website. You will endure legal fees, plaintiff award fees and then pay to have your website fixed to be ADA compliant.”

In order to ensure compliance and create a more optimized, effective website, interested parties are encouraged to get in touch.

Full details can be found on the URL above. Check out for any extra info you need!

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