Get Data-Driven Marketing Ad Campaigns With This Evanston, IL Advertising Agency

Nov 19, 2020

Do you want to increase reach, grow your business and build more successful advertising campaigns? Check out this Chicagoland marketing agency today!

If you want to create a more successful ad campaign for your Chicagoland business, you’re in the right place. Check out 120/80 today for bespoke services and data-driven solutions!

Evanston, IL marketing agency 120/80 has announced that they have helped an SaaS company to experience 50% growth in trial signups. SellerChamp worked with the marketing agency to grow their web presence and connect with more prospects as part of their new campaign.

Regardless of your company goals, you can get in touch to drive huge success with this leading agency.

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The new announcement comes as part of the marketing agency’s continued focus on client growth and expansion. They provide tailored marketing campaigns to help optimize you online platform and achieve your growth goals.

SellerChamp is their latest success story, and the details of their campaign have been discussed in a new report. SellerChamp is a multi-channel listing and inventory management SaaS platform.

Industry outsiders had trouble grasping the subtleties of the company’s key differentiators. Furthermore, five different ad agencies had failed to resolve their issue.

As a result of this, SellerChamp needed a solution that would help them to build and scale their PPC ads to increase signup rate. This is where 120/80 was above to help with their effective, results-backed methodologies.

The team at 120/80 explains that they took a unique approach to securing optimal results in the campaign. A complicated product like SellerChamp required in-depth insight and industry knowledge to produce tangible results.

With this in mind, the 120/80 founder consulted with SellerChamp’s CEO and followed up with a detailed action plan. After an audit, analytical problems were resolved, new ads were created, and their Google ad campaign was optimized.

Within weeks results could be seen, and six months later the company was able to experience 50% increase in trial signups. This also led to a cost decrease of 18%.

128/80 believe that data is more than just numbers, and this approach fuels their marketing services. They harness data to help you reach your full potential through bespoke digital marketing growth solutions.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “We understand that each business operates within its own unique parameters for success. We succeed whether other agencies fail companies like SellerChamp because we ask the right questions and get the full scope of the client’s needs.”

You can find out more info on the link above!

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