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Feb 18, 2021

A recent case study from 120/80 provides you with information on how their marketing solutions services created an increase in both leads and pipeline referrals for a B2B company during the global pandemic.

Are you looking for marketing solutions for your lead generations and sales? Would you like to see how one company’s marketing services created year-on-year increases for both leads and referrals?

120/80 has released its newest report, which provides you with a detailed case study on how their B2B marketing services helped a sales and lead generation company to increase their lead acquisitions during the challenges caused by the current pandemic.

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The newly published case study report from 120/80 aims to highlight the real-life benefits of the company’s HubSpot marketing services if you are looking for ways to develop and improve your leads and sales. 

The current global pandemic has seen many companies face difficulties and changes in the way they work. Additionally, financial challenges caused by the economic downturn have meant you may be more conscious of the costs related to services and their respective return on investment. With their new case study, 120/80 are aiming to present you with a practical insight into their services and how they can help your lead generation business to improve acquisitions.

As the newly published case study aims to detail, 120/80’s services were utilized by Acquirent, an outsourced sales, and lead generation company, who recruit, train, and manage sales teams for a range of clients. With a goal of increasing their leads, which had been negatively impacted by the pandemic, Acquirent began working with 120/80 for their marketing solutions. 

By implementing 120/80’s market automation and lead generation services, Acquirent was able to benefit from an increase in their incoming qualified leads that surpassed their previous year’s stats. An increase was also seen in their overall pipeline growth, giving them the long-term benefits of ongoing referrals and an expanded network.

The HubSpot Marketing Hub services from 120/80 used in the Acquirent case study included the benefit of implementing several workflows that allowed for both the nurture and scheduling of their lead generation campaigns. Additionally, Acquirent benefited from 120/80’s use of bespoke paid ads and blogs in order to create focused and optimized content to generate further leads. 

The services from 120/80 aim to allow clarity of their processes through the use of a dashboard that outlines their performance and marketing activities to help you see the impact of their services. Furthermore, the company offers a range of free tools that can give you the benefit of seeing how the services can help with your conversion of website visitors into leads.

Discover how 120/80’s marketing solutions helped a struggling sales and lead generation business boost their leads and referrals in their newly released case study today!

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