Get Custom Gas Strut Service Windows For Indoor/Outdoor Summer Living

May 22, 2023

OpenUp Window’s new gas strut window has been made to be mounted flawlessly on your countertop or tabletop and to give you the best in indoor and outdoor living.

Open up your home and invite everyone around this summer with America’s best flip-out service window from OpenUp Windows.

As custom window makers, OpenUp Windows will craft your new flip-out service windows to your exact design specifications and they can work closely with you to ensure your window can be placed exactly where you want it to be. As their new model features a three-sided frame, it can also be installed in your home without impacting your existing countertop or tabletop, or requiring any kind of break on its surface, therefore maximizing your placement options.

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In addition to their new countertop and tabletop mount, OpenUp Windows is also proud to be offering a 4-6 week delivery guarantee, which applies to all windows. With the summer months quickly approaching, the window makers appreciate that you are likely looking to improve and renovate your outdoor entertaining spaces fast, in order to fully enjoy the season.

The new delivery guarantee applies to all windows. This includes if you order a completely custom-built window. Additional summer-friendly features that OpenUp believes also distinguish their flip-out service windows are their optional built-in insect screen and their premium insulating and weather-resistant UV protection and glass coating.

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Above the technical specifications, OpenUp Windows believes their high-quality flip-out windows will be a boon to your indoor/outdoor living. Their gas strut design, which will hold the glass of the window open at a 90-degree angle, can give you both extra kitchen space and extra outdoor space. It also allows for easy party serving and offers you new home entertainment options by connecting your indoor living areas with outdoor ones.

OpenUp Windows has been crafting custom windows for over 40 years and they are constantly working to improve the quality of their materials, the sustainability and durability of their final models, and the design aesthetics of their windows.

A spokesperson for the custom window makers said, “Bring everyone to the party with OpenUp’s popular gas strut flip-out service windows. Our head engineers have put our 40 years of window-making experience into creating the only high-design version of this revolutionary window category.”

Bring more light, air and enjoyment into your home with a flip-out window, from OpenUp.

Visit if you need help to pick the perfect place for your new countertop window and to start building your custom design.

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