Get Collectible Greek God NFTs With Travel & Education Rewards For Holders

Jan 10, 2024

Join the Greek Mythology Club today and start earning rewards for minting and holding Greek god NFTs, with Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and more!

The Greek Mythology Club is disrupting the NFT space and showing you what it means to build an exciting, engaged, and fun community. You don't have to worry about rug pulls here – just mint Greek god NFTs and stack rewards!

Five different Greek gods are available as part of the initial NFT wave from the Greek Mythology Club (G.M.C.) - Ares, Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, and Apollo. You're encouraged to join the community and help it grow, earning ‘HODL’ incentives by holding onto your digital assets.

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Randomized Greek God NFTs that look amazing

The NFTs all have a unique design, with changeable background colors, hair, and eyes, and they also each have a distinct robe, hand item, and piece of headgear to differentiate them. Only 5,555 Greek god NFTs are available as part of the initial release - but the team intends to launch a goddess range and a mythical creature collection shortly.

The central goal of G.M.C. is to educate you on decentralized finance concepts and protect you from fraudulent projects while giving you a safe space to learn among like-minded investors and enthusiasts. Too often, the creators explain, NFT developers have launched rug pulls, abrupt exit scams where they drain a project's funds and disappear. One recent example is the Evolved Apes rug pull, where $2.7 million was stolen from members by an anonymous developer.

Be part of a fast-growing community

G.M.C. intends to establish a trusting community, and you can actively build the group. By encouraging holding NFTs instead of quick sales, G.M.C. alleviates concerns over market manipulation and you can focus on community growth and networking.

Rewards include up to bi-weekly Ethereum, but G.M.C. also provides tangible lifestyle rewards to further incentivize activity, including access to crypto and forex educational seminars, invitations to yacht trips and private parties, and more. You are additionally rewarded for contributions like recruiting others and sharing the community among your network - with perks ranging from VIP access to playing in crypto gaming events.

Stack rewards & learn as your portfolio grows

One of the G.M.C. Founders, Brendon Parker, states: “HODL rewards will be awarded to each individual who successfully mints a G.M.C. NFT via a smart contract, with MetaMask being the preferred wallet to hold your NFTs.”

What are you waiting for? Join the Greek Mythology Club community today!

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