Get BMW M4 Competition In Akron | High-Performance Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

May 3, 2023

Perfect Auto Collection (+1-330-921-0895) offers premium sports and luxury cars that you’ll feel great driving!

Want to buy a car that turns heads while still getting great mileage? Perfect Auto Collection is a high-end car dealership with a range of fuel-efficient vehicles, including luxury models from Bentley to BMW and even the popular Ford F-150 Platinum.

Perfect Auto Collection prides itself on being a direct-to-consumer business, offering access to premium sports and performance vehicles with nationwide delivery.

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The dealership’s 2023 vehicles have been rated highly for their fuel efficiency, with the BMW M4 Competition able to reach up to 490 miles on a single tank. The Ford F-150 Platinum is reported to have a mileage of 20 miles per gallon in the city, and 26 on the highway.

Perfect Auto Collection recognizes the need for optimal fuel efficiency in high-performance cars because they consume more than standard vehicles and tend to have higher emissions - so models with increased efficiency offer a reduced carbon footprint.

Because efficient engines often have better torque, the 2023 range maintains high-end performance with improved power and acceleration.

Perfect Auto Collection was created in 2012 and began as a wholesale company - but shifted in 2019 to become a direct-to-consumer business. Offering access to premium sports and performance vehicles with nationwide delivery, the company aims to build a reputation for quality service and attention to detail. The dealership often deals with buyers from outside Akron and offers to pick you up from the airport if you need to fly in to view the models or arrange a test drive.

A spokesperson states: "High-end vehicle acquisition has been a nationwide industry for some time now. We knew from the start that having reliable shipping was going to be essential to our long-term success and that is why we have established ourselves as industry experts. On a monthly basis, upwards of 80% of our business comes from out of state, and in most cases that necessitates shipping. You say yes, we ship it coast-to-coast in 4 days."

Are you looking for your next eye-catching set of wheels? You’re in the right place!

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